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Written by Marc | 18/01/2017



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Whether you’ve noticed it yet or not from our previous posts, we’re a huge fan of men’s brogues here at Mainline Menswear and for good reason. This stylish shoe is one of the most versatile pieces of footwear available today, whilst remaining notably high-end in appearance. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a brief guide on how to wear the different types of brogues available on the market today to look the part and get the most out of your shoes.


Beginning with the most casual, suede brogues are more informal in appearance whilst still maintaining the traditional defining brogue stitch pattern and perforation style. The suede upper takes the edge off of the potential formality the brogue is known for and instead lends a casual air to a notoriously suave shoe. The chunkier sole on these Grenson Stanley brogues also makes them a great option for the winter months. Brogues like these are best worn with chinos and jeans.

Simple brown brogues are a great choice for that middle ground between a casual any-occasion shoe, and those which are too smart for daily wear. These Barbour Redcar brogues are the perfect option for filling that compromise. Perfect for jeans, trousers and chinos alike, casual brown brogues can be the perfect choice when you’re looking to dress well without running the risk of being overdressed for the occasion.


Moving up in formality, the Sweeney London Bewerley brogue and the Ted Baker Oakke leathers are smarter shoes than the previous, but this dressy style comes with a price. The trade-off for their high-end appearance means the shoes are less flexible in regards to the outfits they’ll suit. Again designed with the classic brogue style panelling and typical hole punch detail, both of these smart shoes are made from leather and would go perfectly with any suit, tuxedo or serious business attire.

You’re probably not surprised that men’s brogues are a very popular shoe due to their classic characteristic stitch pattern as well as their versatility and the variance in which the shoes are available. Above are just some basic guidelines which should help you when it comes to choosing which brogues to wear on which occasion.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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