How to Wear Men’s Oxford Shoes

Written by Rebecca | 06/12/2017


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Choosing the correct attire for Oxford shoes can be confusing, follow this guide to pick the right one every time.

Picking the right shoes for every occasion can be confusing and annoying at times, but by following Mainline Menswear’s guide you’ll pick the right ones every time.

There are certain occasions that demand a certain kind of dress code, and choosing the wrong attire might put you in a disadvantageous position. You might wear a full suit and look smashing, but if the shoes you’re wearing do not accentuate it, you might ruin the complete look.

The first step in this guide will be to define what we mean by oxford shoes, which is best done by example. Sweeney London’s brown Mallory oxford shoes are a great all-round pair that fits well with a variety of clothing, such as Hugo Boss’ navy blue Johnston Lenon suit. Finish off the outfit with the Vivienne Westwood’s grey city coat, to cement your smart look.

Another sign that the Sweeney London oxford shoes are versatile is that they fit the next outfit perfectly as well, which will have a more urban approach. The next item of clothing will be Ralph Lauren’s blue slim beach twill shirt, which might still be in line with the smart look.

However, by including Pretty Green’s navy-blue Langford jacket you combine elements of both urban and smart wear, which creates a completely new attire – finished off with Nudie’s beige slim Adam trousers.

While it may be confusing to be able to understand and abide by all the different social norms concerning dress code, by following this short guide you’ll be certain to dress appropriately for any occasion, every time.

Written by Martin Tvenning

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