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Written by Rebecca | 13/01/2017


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what to wear in snow

With the Christmas and NYE festivities over as quickly as they began, it’s time we looked forward to what the new year has to offer, beginning with high hopes, broken resolutions and a cold, cold winter. Looking on the bright side, that means snow is on the cards and with it lots and lots of fun. In order to ensure you make the best out of the weather, we’ve compiled a list of what to wear in the snow to stay comfortable in the coming weather.


Whether you’re more interested in fashion or functionality, hats are a great choice when it comes to cold conditions. Plus, winter is the only time of year you can get away with wearing fun, quirky bobble hats that add a unique flair to your style. Not only that but if you ask us, they’re also pretty practical for keeping ears warm, hair dry and your body temperature above freezing…


Our picks: Nike Logo Bobble Beanie Hat | Edwin United Knit Beanie Hat


Is there any feeling more awful than having to walk around all day with wet, soggy socks? Probably, but it’s still definitely up there with the worst of them. A nice chunky pair of boots will help prevent such a problem, even when the fun, fluffy snow turns to a grim slush. You’ll likely want something both stylish and hardwearing unless you’re working outside – in which case practicality should be your number one priority.


Our picks: Ted Baker Maagna Chukka Boots | Lacoste Montbard Boots 

Winter Jacket

An obvious necessity for the post-festive fun, a thick comfy coat will help protect you against the weather’s worst, permitting you to stay out for longer and enjoy the frolicking. To make sure your reflexes are not inhibited when bobbing and weaving out the way of oncoming snowballs. Something very warm but thin enough to stay mobile is the best option.


Our picks: Pyrenex Mistral Jacket | Diesel W Toyland Jacket | Diesel W Esk Jacket

Thick Jumper

Equally important as the jacket is what’s worn underneath it. A nice thick jumper will add a cosy layer of insulation to your body, ensuring you stay warm. Roll necks or turtlenecks are the best choice for their increased coverage, but cable knit jumpers work equally well for warmth, given that they’re not too thick.


Our picks: Ted Baker Winter Jumper | Armani Collezioni High Collar Knit Jumper | Superdry Jacob Heritage Knit Jumper


From snowball fights to snowman building, ice skating to sledding; all snowy misadventures are soon over when the cold-induced rigamortis fingers set in. Getting yourself a pair of high quality gloves will save your hands from the elements so that you can prolong the fun in the winter wonderland, making your life in the snow a lot more enjoyable. Leather is the best option as woolen ones will quickly become soggy and uncomfortable.


Our picks: Ted Baker Omar Leather Gloves | Barbour burnished Leather Thinsulate Gloves

Written by Aaron Thompson

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