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Written by Bronwen | 14/12/2018




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It can be difficult figuring out what to get the men in your life for Christmas, from Dads, to brothers, to better halves and even your office secret Santa. Staple gifts like socks, wallets, boxers and accessories are all safe choices, but here we’ll show you how the same gift can work differently depending on who you’re buying it for.

The Stylish Gentlemen

For the kind of guy who puts a lot of care and attention into his outfits, simple isn’t going to cut it. Here is where top brands are good to rely on, like Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren. With their expert taste in sophistication, as long as you’re picking from these brands or similar you can’t really go wrong.

The stylish gentleman also probably knows exactly what he wants to wear, and can be quite picky when it comes to clothes. Accessories, however, can be often overlooked by men and are a great choice for Christmas presents if you’re not sure what to go for.

Why not give them matching presents? A cufflink and watch set makes a great present. Or you could grab some smart accessories these gentlemen wouldn’t pick for themselves, i.e., workbags, ties and smart socks. Our favourite gift for the stylish gentlemen is this briefcase from Emporio Armani.


A Man wearing a bright coloured shirt and black jeans

The Family Man

Your typical Dad character probably doesn’t have much time to consider his outfits, I’m not sure my Dads bought his own socks since a particularly cold winter in the early 70s. That’s why you need to go for staple pieces the family man will use forever. The key here is to concentrate more on durability and comfort. The family kind of man doesn’t really care about having a new outfit every time he leaves the house, so have him looking good without him realising in a pair of tough socks or a smart parka coat he can wear for every occasion.

If you want to get your Dad some accessories, then we’d recommend accessory sets, like designer sock packs, or scarf and hat gift pack like this one from Levis.


A man wears a thick brown parka coat in a park

The Adventurer 

A man with hobbies is easier to buy for, and you can take full advantage of any sport they like. Walking boots, waterproof coats, heavy duty backpacks and gloves are perfect for men who simply like to get out and about. If they have a particular favourite sport then go for clothing that matches with that, like a designer rugby shirt.


A Man leaning against a bench wearing a sporty Hugo Boss tracksuit

The Urban Stylist

The urban stylist is our term for a younger man who likes to keep up the latest fashion trends. Trainers, caps, designer clothes are all easy picks and bound to go down well. We recommend getting a pair of the newest silhouettes if you really want to wow them, like the adidas Originals x TFL Continental 80s trainers. You can’t really go wrong here with what type of clothing you pick, as long as it’s this season the urban stylist should be pleased.

Luckily we’ve collected all our latest trends for you in the Urban Stylist gift page.


A man wears a blue The North Face jacket

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