Father’s Day Gift Ideas For 2019

Written by Bronwen | 08/06/2018

Father’s Day is coming up and finding dad-friendly presents can be tough, even Prince George isn’t exempt. ‘But when is Father’s Day?‘ I hear you ask. It’s Sunday, 16th June, so it’s time to ditch those ‘best Dad’ mugs and find a gift your Dad will truly enjoy. Here are Mainline Menswear’s favourite Father’s Day gift ideas for 2019.

Prince George

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Okay, hear me out. They may seem boring, but socks are a staple gift for every family member out there, especially Dads.

Admit it, it’s been years since you’ve seen him wearing a matching pair, and those hairy toes are poking out of 90% of every sock he owns. So why not treat him with some designer socks for Father’s Day? And help him be the coolest Dad wearing socks with sandals this summer.

Mainline Menswear have a wide range of designer socks available in packs of 3, including brands like Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker. These designer socks are a perfect go-to for any Dad. Easy to match for all types of outfits, from your chinos to your walking shorts, there’s no way they can embarrass you in these (Mainline Menswear cannot be held responsible for any future Dad embarrassment).

Ralph Lauren Socks


If your Dad is anything like mine, then chances are he hasn’t switched belts since 1992. Help him branch out with this Boss Hugo Boss Gerwin leather belt gift set in black. A box set featuring a reversible belt with two belt buckles, two presents in one! Get in.

Hugo Bozz Belt

For those Dads that are loud and proud, we recommend the Versus Versace leather belt. The lion pin buckle is a great statement piece to upgrade any Dad outfit into something truly stylish.

Versace Belt


So earlier we got the socks nailed down, now its time to help your Dad make his perfect match with some our designer sandals!

No, not really. It just doesn’t go, and it’s time they understood. So why not help your Dad this Father’s Day with a bit of fashion advice? Shoes that actually match his socks.

From trainers to brogues, Mainline Menswear has a wide range of choice when it comes to shoes. The GH Bass Weejun Larson loafers in black are extremely popular, stylish and versatile, meaning they will match with almost any outfit your Dad puts together.



Really feel like splashing out for Dad this Father’s Day? Then we recommend one of our wide range of designer watches. This Hugo Boss navigator watch in gold will definitely be a gift to remember, and something he’s sure to treasure for years to come. Really, no Father’s Day will ever compare, and your siblings will be forever bitter that you set the bar so high.

Hugo Boss Watch

However, if our Hugo Boss watch is a little out of your price range (but you’re still digging the watch idea) then how about Toy Watch’s monochrome watch in black? It’s stylish, practical, and (as I write this) currently on sale!  Dad doesn’t have to know that though.


Dressing gowns

Going back to basics for a moment here, another Dad staple is The Dressing Gown. My own Pops is almost always in his dressing gown (and is constantly forgetting to tighten the cord. Dad, please) and is in desperate need of a new one. Get him a useful Father’s Day gift for 2018, and help your Dad slob in style with our range of designer dressing gowns.


Last, but by no means least, on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas: the wallet. When asking your Father for money, I find he’s more likely to hand some over if he’s reminded about the time you bought him a lovely gift. So, it’s a no-brainer! The wallet is the perfect gift for both him and you this Father’s Day.

Mainline Menswear’s Luke 1977 Forbes leather wallet gift set is an absolute bargain! Including a textured leather wallet, a tartan check card holder with two card slots on each side with an additional compartment from the top, and a classic circular high shine metal keyring with textured leather attachment.

Forbes Wallet Gift Set

This wallet is so stylish your Dad will be hunting for excuses to spend.

When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, Mainline Menswear leave you spoilt for choice. Have a look through our wide range of designer brands for further ideas, from wallets to socks, we’ve got you covered.

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