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Written by Bronwen | 13/09/2018


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Get ready for your Autumn must-haves. Summer is over, and it’s time to get our autumn/winter wardrobe ready. You’ve packed the swimming shorts away with minimal tears, the BBQ is a forgotten relic, and yes, the summer tan has already faded away.

What should you wear this autumn though? Worry not, because we at Mainline Menswear have made things easy for you. If you’re in a hurry, then the key points we’re about to cover are: raincoats (you need one), 90’s flannel is in, and chukka boots are your friends. Sorted? Right, let’s go through in detail what you need to wear this Autumn.

Flannel Shirts

Forget about t-shirts, it’s simply not warm enough. Your replacement is the flannel shirt. They’re easy to match as they come in a range of colours, from classic red and black buffalo check, to military green and deep red.

Flannel shirts also work well as the temperature drops, as you can wear it open over a t-shirt on those sunny autumn days then button things up when the wind whips up a chill.

Wear a flannel shirt casual with jeans and trainers for your off-duty wardrobe or match with a dark coloured tie for dress-down days in the office.

Rain Coat

This one feels a little obvious. With Britain’s temperamental weather you clearly will need a raincoat. So why not invest in a good one?

The best raincoat doesn’t make you feel like a scruffy tourist, and instead adds to your overall outfit rather than covering it up. 100% waterproof trench coats are always a stylish and sleek choice to match with your office wear. Whilst waterproof parkas are popular for a more casual look. We recommend Peak Performance and The North Face when it comes to waterproof coats.

Smart Boots

The flip-flops are out, chukka boots are in. These boots look great in both casual and smarter wear, and unlike trainers, you don’t have to panic if they get muddy – which they undoubtedly will at some point or another.

We recommend Red Wing Classic chukka boots in black, high-quality shoes that are easy to match with most outfits.

Light-Wear Knits

It might be a little early for that pile of Christmas jumpers you have waiting, but a lightweight jumper can not only keep you warm but look great with jeans or chinos.

Like flannel shirts, jumpers come in a wide range of colours so they’re easy to mix and match. We recommend navy, grey or dark green jumpers to keep things simple.

Warming Accessories

Your last Autumn must-haves are the little accessories that make a big difference. Invest in a quality hat, scarf and glove combo for when the weather really does have a bite to it. People tend to ignore these necessities as they’re only necessary a few months for the year, but they really do make the difference, and you’ll only ever regret not having them when you’re out and about and can’t feel your fingers due to the chill.

We recommend buying things in sets. Not only is it easier and better value for money but it means your gloves, scarfs and hats will all match if they were bought as one. Sorted!


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