The Comeback of Checked Caps

Written by Marc | 12/03/2018

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With a lot of fashion trends, when they come back, we ask ourselves did they ever really go away? With checked caps the answer is a definite yes. We can actually pin point the year they died. 2002. The year that saw Daniella Westbrook wear head to toe Burberry, after this, Burberry became synonymous with Chavs. It ruined not only the brand who saw a drop of 40% sales, it ruined the print for many years.

But now it is back. Its been over 15 years and its time to forget the past and give checked caps another chance because as a piece of clothing there was never anything wrong with them, it was just the social connotations. Now that that is over brand are bring the checked cap back and they are actually really nice, providing Miss Westbrook never wears one again.

Many designers unperturbed by the past are embracing the traditional print and are going full steam ahead with the good old fashioned cap.

While these classic caps are already quite popular on the high-street many other designers are choosing to go with a more colourful version to match the highly popular checked shirts that have been popular for quite some time.

Now it wouldn’t be wise to wear these with a checked shirt as we don’t need to go down that road again, but as a statement piece with a neutral sweatshirt or jacket they can add a slash of flavour to your look.

e different seasons. Depending on how you style yourself there is a cap that will fit your look perfectly and give it a look of ease and street style.

Written by Cole Logan Ricketts

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