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Written by Bronwen | 05/06/2019


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Right, let’s just get this out the way, wearing a striped top doesn’t mean you look like you’re in the navy or a burglar. Stripes provide versatility to your wardrobe whilst remaining simple. From being great to fantastic and somewhere brilliant in between – stripes are everything you need to add to your outfit this summer.

Believe it or not, stripes actually come in a variety of styles: horizontal, vertical, multi-coloured or even in a formal striped pattern. So, without further ado, here is our guide to wearing stripes this summer.

A man wearing a black and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt

How To Wear Vertical Stripes

First up is the vertical stipe, a little harder to come by than the classic striped patterns, but a great method of boosting your profile a bit this summer. Vertical stripes appear to give you an extra bit of height, ideal if you are a little height conscious. The vertical stripe is more common on smart shirts, but not exclusive to the more dressed up outfits. Here are our favourite more casual striped tops for this summer.

To start with, Fila’s Guilo Pinstripe T-shirt in white, navy or blue. These are the perfect casual look T-shirt with a classic vintage sport vibe that Fila recreates time and time again. If crew neck fits aren’t your thing- why not opt for the pinstripe design in the polo T-shirt style instead?

File striped t-shirt

How To Wear Horizontal Stripes

Next up is the nautical inspired horizontal stripe, much more common than the vertical stripe but for good reasoning – it’s a classic look. Horizontal stripes appear to give you a bit more width to your frame, so they are ideal if you want to look a little bulkier this summer.

Nudie Jeans black and white striped Orvar T-shirt is a perfect long-sleeve for those warm summer evening outings when you want to wear something a little more than just a t-shirt. Casual but versatile enough to wear into the night.

On a quick note, remember that stripes can appear to alter your body shape so layering up with a plain jacket or denim jacket without too much distracting colour over the top of a striped shirt can stop this happening too much. It just means that no matter what your shape, you can get away with either vertical or horizontal stripes! Ideal, right?

Nudie Jeans Stripe long-sleeved shirt

How To Wear Stripes To Work

Not only ideal for the casual side of life, stripes are excellent for smarter occasions. Whether its for the workplace grind or a fancy meal, a classy striped shirt will give your outfit a bit more personality and allows you pull away from those boring plain shirts whilst still keeping it classy.

Ralph Lauren’s Striped Shirt in blue is the ideal shirt for a smarter outing whilst showing off the excellent vertical stripes.

Ralph Lauren Striped Shirt in Blue

Alternatively, Les Deux’s Norregaard shirt also in blue is a perfect, comfortable shirt for this summer with its flawless vertical striped pattern.

Perfect for the workplace, Tommy Jeans’ striped shirt also in blue is a brilliant choice.

For a much more subtle striped design, Emporio Armani’s short sleeve striped shirt is a brilliant summer option to show off the striped trend in a much more muted way.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, stripes are still great and are definitely not budging. Check out the huge range of striped products at Mainline Menswear for more inspiration on showing your stripes this summer.


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