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Written by Marc | 19/08/2019


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Mena Massoud has been making strides since staring in Disney’s newest Aladdin. The 27-year-old is far from a street rat when he’s not on set. From looking sharp and formal on the red carpet to colourful casual wear at Coachella. Mena has his own style that includes some bold accessorizing and a fantastic dose of confidence, making him our latest style icon. Here we’ll go through some of our favourite Mena Massoud outfits to help inspire your own fashion choices.

Sunnies + Scarfs

This somewhat conflicting outfit is seemingly simple at first glance: a beige t-shirt and some jeans for Coachella. But Mena Massoud has upgraded a boring look with some eye-catching accessories. The necklace, the scarf and even the sunnies are what’s carrying this outfit and making it pop. We especially love the Egyptian infused scarf draped oh so casually over his shoulder. Summer scarfs are a bold choice that most men will avoid, but we urge you to take a leaf out of Mena’s book and try something new.

Mena Massoud wearing a scarf, beige t shirt, jeans, orange necklace and sunglasses at Coachella. He is leaning against a fence and making double peace signs.

[Image: Instagram]

Look-At-Me Shirts

From Coachella to promoting Aladdin in Mexico. Mena’s shirt here is loud, and if he’d worn it alone, I’m not sure I could recommend it to you. What really makes this outfit work is the fact that he’s subdued the shirt with a plain black suit. Subtle meets excessive to make a real stand out formal look that you could easily pull off.

Mena Massoud Wearing A Suit In Mexico matched with a brightly patterned shirt underneath

[Image: Instagram]


Our final red (or purple) carpet appearance is a little more casual but no less stylish. It feels like Mena is channelling his inner Aladdin with this look. The matching pattern velour bomber jacket and Aladdin style pants are a smart-casual choice made veering more on the casual side with the addition of trainers. The added band-collared shirt adds some much-needed smartness that completes this look.

Mena Massoud on the red Carpet wearing baggy trousers

[Image: Instagram]

Final Words

So how can we dress more like Mena Massoud? Our takeaway here is to consider the spotlight of your outfit carefully. From colourful scarfs to bold shirts, we recommend you all pick one piece of your outfit that you’d like to stand out and channel your inner Mena with more casual pieces to match.


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