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Written by Marc | 19/04/2019


Style Icon

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is probably the suavest Style Icon to ever feature on our blog. The Jamie Lannister star is known for rocking armour in Game of Thrones, but out of Westeros Coster-Waldau has been spotted nailing a groomed carelessness sense of style daily.

Here we go through our favourite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau styles and how you can pull them off.

Contrasting Colours

A Lannister always wears red, and we love the contrast Nikolaj has achieved with this beige and red combo. Pairing plain beige trousers with a matching coat really helps his one colourful piece stand out. This contrast and selective matching is a great way to upgrade your casual style and something we teach you how to do here.

Nikolaj Wearing Contrasting Colours

[Image: Instagram]

Simple But Bold

Next, we have bold stripes for another casual but equally appealing look. Jeans and a t-shirt seems like a pretty boring choice, but the bold reds and blues in Coster-Waldau’s t-shirt really help make a simple outfit seem more put together.

Nikolaj Coster In a striped t shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Ditch The Tie

Onto a smarter outfit, despite straying from Lannister colours, Nikolaj looks striking in this bold plaid suit. What stands out here is the lack of tie and casual collar-less shirt. This is a great option if you want to go smart-casual but not all the way with a shirt and tie.

Jamie Lannister in a suit

[Image: Instagram]

Subtle Suits

Another suit to grace the list, this outfit makes a refreshing change as Nikolaj has strayed away from typical blue or black suits. The easiest way to mix up your outfit is to go for a different colour, and we’re loving this casual beige. The outfit is once again given a laid-back aesthetic with his lack of tie.

Nikolaj sat wearing a beige suit

[Image: Instagram]

So how can you dress like IRL Jamie Lannister? The main points we’d take away would be to ditch the ties, switch up the colours and go for bold t-shirts when dressing casually.


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