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Written by Marc | 13/02/2019


Style Icon

Venom and Rogue One star, Riz Ahmed, is already known as being a pretty stylish guy. From classic slim suits to match his build, to wide fashion statement trousers to make an impact. Ahmed wears a range of styles to achieve his consistently sophisticated look. Here we take a look at some of our favourite outfits from Riz and show you how to take inspiration from his fashion choices.

All Black

Earlier we discussed tonal clothing and why you should do it. Here Riz Ahmed solidifies our point by looking great in an all black suit with matching polo jumper. Spice up this outfit by going for different materials and cuts rather than colour. Like a velvet blazer, or a polo shirt instead of your regular button down shirt – like Ahmed at the BAFTAs below. This outfit is simple but sleek, and a great look for formal events.

Riz Ahmed Wearing Black Suit

[Image: Instagram]

Keeping Things Pastel

Here Riz is at Paris Men’s Fashion week, keeping things simple with a block colour jumper. This is a simple outfit, but what we love about this look is the pastel blue, giving things a subtle look that feels effortless. Give casual outfits a twist by opting for colours you wouldn’t normally go for, like pastel blues, greens and pinks.

Riz Ahmed Wearing A Blue Pastel Jumper

[Image: Instagram]

Sensible Jackets

Putting Riz’s cry for help aside, he has once again opted for an all-black outfit with a few little twists. The white of the cap matches nicely with the soles of his shoes, providing a start and breaking point for this otherwise dark look.

What we also love here is Riz Ahmed’s sensible jacket. Waterproof, warm and comfortable, a quality coat is never a bad idea. And as black matches with everything, his green jacket only adds to the overall outfit. Brands that consistently provide high-quality jackets include Barbour, The North Face and CP Company, to name a few.

Riz Ahmed Wearing wind breaker jacket

[Image: Instagram]

Wild Patterns

Another statement outfit we love, it is nice to see that Riz isn’t afraid to be bold with his shirts. So, if you feel like being daring, go for a wildly patterned shirt this year for your semi-formal wear. A good brand to rely on here is Versace, who are known for their stylish statement shirts.

Riz Ahmed Wearing Patterned Shirt

[Image: Instagram]


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