What Shoes Should You Wear With Blue Jeans?

Written by Bronwen | 27/09/2019


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Blue jeans feature in pretty much everyone’s wardrobe (apart from my Dad who’s rejected denim since the early 90s’) and are a staple piece for all occasions. But what shoes should you wear with blue jeans?

Sometimes it can be difficult to mix things up when you wear the same pair of blue jeans every day, and you end up reaching for the same pair of mucky trainers no matter where you’re going. Well stop! We’re going to take you through all the shoe combinations you can try with blue jeans, from smart casual to pub nights.

By mixing up your footwear you can up or downgrade your blue jeans for all occasions – apart from maybe weddings, yea, you definitely shouldn’t wear your blue jeans to weddings.

How To Wear Jeans With Trainers?

Okay, so we’re starting with the easiest option. There isn’t much to think about when you’re wearing blue jeans and trainers. They’re like yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, you and I. They just go together.

Basically, you can pick what you like here. Whether it’s Nike and Adidas or Alexander McQueen and Mallet, pick your favourite brands and go from there.

If you would like to mix things up, then we’d suggest going bright and bold with your trainers. With so many options to choose from, don’t be afraid to stand out with some bold looks.

MCQ Alexander McQueen Daku Trainer White

How To Wear Blue Jeans With Dress Shoes?

Start with the best, let’s go through how to upgrade an otherwise casual outfit. Black jeans are the safer choice when it comes to pairing with your dress shoes, but blue can work just as well and sometimes even better.

Wear blue jeans with black shoes that are shiny to ensure you pull off this look. It’s important you polish your shoes, so they really stand out and contrast with your jeans.

Also, try to wear slim-fit or skinny jeans when opting for smart shoes. Distressed styles are also a no-no, your jeans have to be ripped free and fitted.

The final rule with dress shoes is to roll the hem of your jeans up so they don’t touch your dress shoe. We need to be able to see all your footwear with this outfit; two pointy shoes underneath baggy jeans is a bad look.

PS Paul Smith Shoes

How To Wear Blue Jeans With Boots?

Boots are often a forgotten aspect of men’s wardrobes, but they’re a great staple piece for Autumn and Winter. When it comes to colour try to pick dark brown boots to match with blue jeans. This provides a rugged, country vibe that is perfect for your day-to-day.

Chelsea boots, hiking boots, chukka boots – the style you pick doesn’t really matter. All boots with look great with blue jeans. Just try to make sure your jeans aren’t too baggy and don’t have any excess fabric. Similar to dress shoes, we also recommend you roll the hem of your jeans so they don’t touch your boots.

Timberland Raw Tribe 6 Inch Waterproof Boots Brown

Can You Wear Flip Flops With Blue Jeans?

No. Moving swiftly on…

Can You Wear Blue Shoes With Blue Jeans?

This options our wild card. If you really want to style up your blue jeans, then block colour dressing is the latest trend you have to try. The main rule here is if your shoes are blue then everything is blue. I’m talking blue jeans, blue shirt, blue jacket. Just make sure you go for different hues.

We’d recommend making the trainers the darkest shade of blue you wear, think dark navy’s, azure and cobalt. If you want a pop of bright on your shoes, then stay minimalistic with the laces. On the opposite side let the jeans do the talking and opt for a light wash so they’re the brightest shade of blue on you.

The North Face Back To Berkeley Boots Blue

Final Thoughts

So, what shoes can you wear with blue jeans? Boots, trainers and even blue shoes can all look great with blue jeans. Just remember to roll the hems up so you can show off your footwear with pride.


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