AW20 With Emporio Armani

Written by Bronwen | 21/10/2020


Brand Focus


Emporio Armani is a luxury brand known for their contemporary and sleek designs. This year they have us prepped for AW20 with new jackets, joggers, trousers, and accessories for men.

A man walks by sweeping his Emporio Armani coat

Urban and contemporary designs take hold in the latest designs from the Italian luxury fashion house. Our collection features rich pieces and agile shapes, featuring oversized logo hoodies, dark joggers and accessories in black and grey. These are the details that add personality to the design, yet maintain the practicality that is such a cornerstone of the Armani world.

A man jumps into the air looking to the camera. He is wearing a shiny black suit

In tune with the colder weather, Armani keeps to classic colours with black and grey tracksuits, logo printed jumpers in black and grey, and large, thick parka coats in smart cuts. Sensible yet comfortable, these pieces are perfect for luxury casualwear. Shop the autumn/winter collection today with Mainline Menswear.

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