Chris Pratt – Style Icon

Written by Bronwen | 10/01/2020

From fighting dinosaurs and saving the galaxy, to snogging Jennifer Lawrence; Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. One of which is fashion. The American actor has mastered the technique of looking casually well dressed, or in other words: seeming impressively smart with no real effort. This can be a difficult thing to achieve, and unlike Chris, we don’t have personal stylists to do it for us. So sit back while we explain why Chris Pratt should be your next style icon.

On the go

Plaid shirts have been increasing in popularity with both men and women over the last few years. They really are the  best choice when it comes to casual, day-time shirts, we especially love the red plaid choice Chris has gone for. For this look, roll your sleeves up and match with a pair of designer jeans, this is great for an every-day, country vibe. Fish is optional.

plaid shirt for men

[Image: Instagram]




The Designer Suit

Okay, we’re sure this suit costs a little more than your budget allows, featuring Chris Pratt’s name in the stitching as he proudly displays in the picture below. What we want to focus more is the colour. Blue suits are IN, and don’t look like they’re leaving any time soon. Match your suit with a similar coloured waistcoat and floral shirt and tie to achieve the Chris Pratt appeal.

designer suit for men

[Image: Instagram]




Double Denim

A bold look few can pull off, Chris Pratt is definitely one of them as he poses oh-so-casually wearing double denim. The trick with this outfit is to make sure your denim shirt and your jeans aren’t the same shade. As long as one is darker than the other then you’re good to go.


[Image: Instagram]




So there we have it. Three iconic outfits from an iconic actor. No matter which one you go for, the best way to master your Chris Pratt look is to wear it with confidence! So be bold, whether you’re head to toe in denim or wearing a tailored suit with the waistcoat to match.

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