How To Stop Polo Shirts From Shrinking

Written by Marc | 21/09/2020



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How do you stop polo shirts from shrinking in the wash? Well option one is to just never wash them, but that’s pretty gross and I’ve been told I cannot give out that advice. So we’re going to jump straight into option two and teach you how to wash your polo shirts without shrinking them in the slightest.

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There’s nothing worse than getting your favourite clothes out of the dryer only to find they can fit your dog now. If mum’s not there to help then follow these simple instructions instead:

Firstly, take a look at your polo shirt and check the inside label for any specific washing instructions, or any other kind of advice pertaining on how to treat your shirt.

However, if you’re a nervous nelly, make sure to wash all shirts in cold water. A cold rinse cycle is guaranteed to keep your shirts the same size as they went in. But, honestly, in most cases a 20 or even 30 degree wash cycle will be safe too.

The most crucial element is to air dry your polo shirts after you wash them. Sure, the tumble dryer is quicker and easier, but air drying will reduce the possibilities of the shirt fading. Plus it’ll help your carbon footprint; nice. Cotton especially is susceptible to shrinking and air drying will prevent this from happening.

That should keep your polo shirts in tip-top condition and they should retain its original size and fit you nice and snugly still. The spring and summer seasons will be launching on us in the coming months and you’ll want to be wearing your shirt of choice to combat the sunny weather.

Be sure to remember these instructions so you don’t risk shrinking it again in the future, you only ever have one favourite polo shirt after all.

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