How To Style & Wear Knitwear

Written by Bronwen | 14/12/2020


How To

Knitwear is the cosiest option out there, but how do you style jumpers this season? Here we’ll explain how to wear crew neck jumpers, roll necks and how to match knitted accessories. You want to find the line between keeping warm and ‘my Grandma makes my clothes.’

Tommy Jeans jumper with zipper

Whether you love a crew neck, roll neck or even knitted accessories there is bound to a knitwear style that suits you.

Crew Neck

It’d be a total oversight if you ignored crew necks when looking for some spring knitwear this year. Crew necks are a classic look, a comfortable shape, and come in a multitude of styles and designs. Crew necks are the go-to knitted shape and it’s probably a rarity if you don’t own one already. There’s a reason why they are so popular and you simply can’t go wrong with a crew neck jumper this spring.

How To Match Crew Neck Jumpers

This jumper is the perfect casual jumper with enough flexibility to wear with a smarter bottom half and overcoat combo if desired. Try to stick to block colours, and go for darker hues if you’re wearing smart casual. Dark navy crew necks with grey chinos is a winning combination. Another option is to go for pastel coloured jumpers for a more playful look, in which case your trousers should be darker and black is the easiest choice to go for.

Ralph Lauren Jumper

Alternatively, if one solid colour is a bit plain and you fancy a more exciting patterned jumper, then try to stick to dark colours in patterns in order to avoid that Christmas jumper vibe. Perfect for a more out-there bold approach to knitwear this winter whilst still keeping stylish.

Roll Neck

Roll necks are a classy look, perfect for smartening up your outfit without going full winter formal. Throw together a roll neck jumper with an overcoat, complete with smarter/fitted trousers and Chelsea boots for a swanky winter look.

How To Match Roll Neck Jumpers

100% wool jumpers are bound to keep you warm this winter.  Just don’t go for black trousers if you go for a black roll neck – we need to avoid the French painter vibe. A pair of casual jeans in a lighter colour are a much better match for black roll neck jumpers when it comes to men’s fashion.

A fila turtle neck jumper

If an all-black roll neck is a bit too James Bond villain for you, then you can lighten up your outfit through the dark months with a grey jumper and black trousers, a good example is this flawless grey marl roll neck from Luke 1997. The lighter grey option is enough to lift the colours in your outfit and avoid darkening down too much through the back end of the year.


Whilst knitwear jumpers are great and the perfect option for spring, we can’t ignore knit accessories. Knit scarves are very popular and perfect for keeping you warm but can also add a bit of excitement with a fantastic pattern to draw the attention up your body. Scarves can also be manly, you just need to make sure you select the right type, scarfs you should avoid include:

  • Any scarf in animal print
  • Airy, almost-see-through scarves
  • Scarves that double as a blanket
  • Anything that comes with a pin – men do not wear scarf pins

Shop our scarf collection here to add a strong element of style to your wardrobe whilst maintaining functionality.

Going even further up the body, you can complete your knitwear look and add that final layer of warmth this spring by adding in a knitted beanie. If you’re not sure what to pick then we recommend you stick to block colours that compliment the rest of your outfit and go for one that fits you properly; don’t be tempted to go for the oversized, slouchy beanie. It is no longer 1999, and it was never a good look.

Final Notes

To conclude, knitwear comes in a huge variety of forms and there is definitely some sort of knitwear out there for everybody. We love knitted clothes and they offer you that level of comfort whilst keeping your body temperature up as it gets freezing. If you are interested in adding to your knitwear collection then make sure your knitted additions complement the rest of your outfit rather than stand out, and look for 100% wool products to avoid those notoriously itchy jumpers.


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