Men: How To Style Jumpers

Written by Bronwen | 09/10/2020

Autumn is upon us and I think it’s safe to say this summer was a write-off anyway. Winter is coming, so we need to be prepared with knitted jumpers – and no, not the ones your grandma made for you.

Wearing jumpers and knit in general can be a difficult look to match and keep smart in, so let’s go through the 4 main staples of knit and how to pull off your men’s designer jumper.


The classic cardigan is often more popular with women than men, but you’re truly missing out if you don’t own at least one. Easy to take on and off when the air conditioning is making things awkward, go for chunkier knitted cardigans to pull off this look. Shawl collars will also add a manly appeal to the look, keeping you feeling good and warm to boot.

men's designer cardigan

[Image: Guardian]

Logo Jumpers

Largely influenced by the 90s and the easy-going athleisure lifestyle, big logo jumpers are the easiest to wear and match almost everything in your wardrobe.

Take a back-to-basics approach with jeans and trainers to match your logo sweatshirt. From Adidas to Billionaire Boys Club, you can’t really go wrong with this look. It’s casual, fun and easy.

A man is sat on fishing netting wearing a green Billionaire Boys Club jumper with large lettering across the chest that reads: Later.


Cable Knit

It’s hardy, it’s tough, it’s the manliest jumper you could possibly wear. A cable knit jumper is bound to keep you toasty warm through the coldest of days, you could literally wear it to sea. That’s kind of their whole deal.

Wear a cable knit jumper in one block colour as a nod to tradition. Match with black jeans and chunky chukka boots for a warm but sophisticated winter look, add a flap cap if you’re really going for that country vibe.

fishermans jumper

[Image: AranSweaterMarket]

Roll Necks

The choice of Elvis and Steve McQueen to name a few. Roll neck jumpers have received a fair bit of bad press in the past, but I can confirm they are now officially in, and if worn correctly will make you look suave. Plus, it’s like wearing a built-in scarf! Win-win.

We recommend you keep things simple with a turtleneck or roll neck and stick to neutral colours, black or white are the safest bets. Match your turtleneck with tapered trousers and smart casual shoes to keep up that sophisticated look.

roll neck jumper

[Image: TheSocialTailor]

What to Wear Under A Jumper

Of course, the risk with a jumper is that you might need to take it off. This is why you should never go naked under your jumper unless it is extremely thin wool and you are ready to commit to it for the rest of the day. I’m talking a marriage level commitment to your jumper if you don’t want to wear anything underneath.

A much safer option is to wear a t-shirt underneath your jumper. Wear it hidden to maintain your look but pick a nice one that still matches the rest of your outfit just in case things get too hot.

An alternative option is to wear a shirt under your jumper and to let the collar and cuffs show. This is a much neater look and a great way to give the outfit more layers and seem “complete.” With this look, make sure your collar is still tucked inside the jumper and not resting on top – to keep things tidy. Also, try to find the right balance with a thin shirt and a jumper that fits. You don’t want to wear a baggy jumper to accommodate the shirt, it will look scruffy.


shirt and jumper

[Image: DailyMail]


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