Men: How To Style Joggers

Written by Marc | 28/12/2020


How To

Joggers these days have transitioned from strictly sportswear only, to something that can be worn out and about. With the introduction of athleisure fashion, more and more guys will be seen ditching the jeans in favour of more comfortable jogging bottoms.

A man wearing a black tracksuit

Joggers are known as the skinny version of sweatpants. With tapered or elasticated ankle cuffs, a dark pair can easily be mistaken for jeans from a distance. At Mainline Menswear, we’re going to go through how to wear joggers with a touch of style.

What to Wear Joggers With?

First things first, deciding what to pair with your jogging bottoms depends on what kind of environment you’ll be in. For a casual look, wear a fitted t-shirt and clean, crisp trainers. T-shirts and hoodies are very versatile within men’s fashion, which is why they’re the perfect choice to wear with the sportswear style of jogging bottoms.

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You can go for a monotone look with dark joggers and a white t-shirt, or accessories your outfit with a patterned jumper of zip hoodie to add layers to your outfit. On the flip side, if you’re wearing light coloured joggers, wear a dark t-shirt to avoid your look being too boring.

Wearing a shirt with joggers is becoming much more popular these days, and provides an indie-chic look. In a casual situation, opt for a short sleeved shirt with plimsolls or trainers. Choosing a patterned shirt is a great choice as it will draw attention to your upper half; distracting people from the fact you’re wearing joggers.

If you want to look even smarter, pair a long sleeved shirt with dark joggers and boat shoes. Then with the addition of a bomber jacket or blazer, you can elevate your look from weekend casual to semi-smart attire suitable for almost anything.

When to Wear Joggers

Although joggers can be dressed up with a shirt to look smarter, it’s still best to wear them in more casual situations. They will never replace trousers or chinos for the smartest environments (sorry, guys) so for a fancy dinner leave the joggers at home. If you’re attending a sporting event, joggers are definitely acceptable – this is what they were originally designed for after all.

A man wearing a grey t-shirt and grey joggers

You can also wear them over the weekend, whether you’re taking a walk along the beach or meeting up with friends. In these situations, go for a dark coloured joggers with a patterned jumper or shirt. And of course, the fail safe of when to wear joggers is loungewear. They’re definitely the most comfortable option for hanging out in the house, and are more impressive than pyjama bottoms for when someone unexpectedly turns up at your front door.


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