SS20 With Diesel

Written by Bronwen | 08/05/2020




SS20 is here and Diesel have a new innovated collection now available on Mainline Menswear. The pioneers of denim are celebrating just that this season, with their For Successful Living campaign showcasing the way to stay true to oneself.

This season features bold designs, with bootcut, straight and wide designer jeans getting a modernised update from Diesel. T-shirt packs in refreshingly bright colours also feature, as well as classic denim jackets to complete your look.

The centrepiece of this summer’s designs features a down on his luck actor not quite managing to nail his flying scene. After a long day behind the camera, he retires to his trailer, gets dress head to toe in Diesel denim, and manages to fly by relaxing and simply being himself. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Diesel encourage us to relax and keep it real for SS20, a mantra we can all get behind. Shop the latest collection online with Mainline Menswear today.

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