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Written by Marc | 05/08/2020


Style Icon

WWE champion turned actor Dave Bautista is known for being constantly shirtless and very often blue, with his Drax role in the Marvel universe. But when he is wearing clothes, Bautista has a certain sense of style that biceps the size of my head will get you.

With all this in mind, we thought it was high time to go through our favourite Dave Bautista outfits and prove once and for all why you should be dressing more like Drax.

Statement Belts

Our first outfit isn’t anything too special, a blazer and shirt combo is pretty easy for us all. What stands out is David’s accessories, the statement belt really upgrades an otherwise plain outfit, and all in all, makes the look seem more put together even though it is very simple.

You can upgrade your smart-casual style too with a statement belt.

[Image: Instagram]


Here Dave is on the left (that’s a regular sized man next to him, fyi, the man is just a bit of a giant) in another outfit as simple as they come: a t-shirt and jeans. This isn’t anything special either, but what we do love is that Bautista is still accessorising with a white flat cap. Hats tend to be ignored by men most of the time, but here Dave shows all of us that a little finishing touch to an otherwise, quite boring, outfit can go a long way.

[Image: Instagram]

Ditch The Tie

Flat caps and statement accessories feature again in this next outfit, which is smart with a casual twist. We love that Dave’s blazer is forgotten, instead opting for a more casual look with his shirt sleeves rolled up. The waistcoat and bow tie are also fantastic additions that you should never be afraid to try. The part that makes this outfit work is the lack of colour excluding the red bowtie – helping make it the star of the whole ensemble.

[Image: Instagram]

Vibrant Colours

Our last outfit has a summer vibe that is perfect for this year. Casual meets smart with ripped jeans and a bright blue shirt. Dave certainly isn’t afraid to wear a bit of colour, so neither should you! Ditch those white and black shirts for something with a little more zest and follow Drax’s shoes with his love for the colour blue.

[Image: Instagram]

So what can we learn from Dave Bautista’s style? The key points we think you should take note of are flat caps, statement accessories, and, of course, a little bit of blue.


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