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Written by Marc | 23/09/2020


Style Icon

For a man who literally has the word Style in his name, it’ll come as no surprise that Harry Styles has turned out to be one of the biggest fashion icons in the music industry today. His trends have left fangirls drooling, with one woman even claiming to tattoo his face onto her cheek. Though that’s an interesting idea, you can pull off Harry’s Rockstar looks without having to go to such extreme methods.

Not to be brutal, but One Direction is old news. Harry Styles has left his teenage vibes behind to become one of the best-dressed men to earn our Style Icon status (a prestigious title he’s sure to appreciate). Here are some of his looks from the past few months and how you can dress like Harry Styles.

Bold Choices

Starting off bold, Harry is definitely a fan of bright and colourful suits. Now, most of his suits are made bespoke for him by Gucci, which is something, sadly, the rest of us cannot afford. An alternative choice is to continue wearing your more-standard blazer, but mix it up with a colourful, patterned shirt underneath. This look would see you still taking inspiration from Harry’s style whilst creating your own unique look.  Versace Collection has a number of bold choices to help you feel inspired.

Harry Styles in Floral Suit

[Image: Instagram]

The Black Shirt

With this Romancing the Stone vibe it’s no wonder Harry Styles has a small army of fan girls. Now, maybe you won’t get quite as many admirers. But worn correctly a black shirt can really make an outfit pop, like this one from Luke 1977. Match with a pair of lightly-coloured chinos if you want to master this look.

Harry Styles in Black Shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Smart Accents

This next look is easy to pull off but looks like you’ve made the effort. Mixing casual pieces like Harry’s white t-shirt and trainers with sophisticated accents such as his pinstriped trousers is one of the biggest trends of 2019. Add smart accents to an otherwise casual outfit to pull off this look, from blazers mixed with trainers to white tees mixed with chinos. The key is to try to keep one piece as your statement formal wear and keep everything else casual, too much one way or the other will look like you’ve gotten muddled up by accident.

Harry Styles Having His Hair Blow Dried Wearing a white shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Work Out

This next look is all casual with a cheeky snap of Harry leaving the gym in London. The heavy-duty hoody matched with basketball shorts and a beanie is a far cry from his usual Chelsea boots and designer suits. But it is a look we, perhaps, can all find easier to achieve. So, if you feel a bit scruffy in your gym clothes, just try to emulate Harry Styles and know you’re getting away with it.


Finishing Touches

So, what are the key pieces to Harry’s looks? We’d say bright colours, floral shirts and smart accents mixed with casual wear are your go-to pieces if you want to look like Mainline Menswear’s latest style icon.

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