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Written by Marc | 18/12/2020


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From macho Gaston in Beauty and the Beast to Greek Gods in Apollo, Luke Evans has made acting strides in the past decade. Proving he can sing, dance, and look pensively at hobbits.

Today we’re going to talk about Luke Evan’s style and what you can wear to achieve this A-lister look. Now I’ve been stalking browsing Luke’s Instagram for a while now, and honestly most of the time he doesn’t bother wearing a shirt, much to the disappointment of none of us. But I’ve picked out the few where he’s actually bothered, and complied Mainline Menswear’s favourites just for you.


Look at this. Comfy, casual and SIMPLE. There is nothing complicated to Luke’s lockdown look, and athleisurewear is what most of us are going for now anyway. To mimic this vibe, just pick out your favourite joggers and long sleeved shirt. You can make this scruffy look smarter by sticking to neutral colours that compliment each other and avoiding anything bright.

Luke Evans Lying on a coach wearing ahtleisurewear

[Image: Instagram]

Bold and Bare

Okay, this look is brave. And most of us probably wouldn’t get away with it if we didn’t look like an actual Greek God. Still, the oversized velvet shirt is killer, and keeping two or three buttons undone give you an effortlessly casual vibe while still feeling smart; just maybe don’t go as far as Luke unless you’re feeling it. Perfect for nights out, simply tuck your shirt into black jeans with a matching belt to achieve this look.

Luke Evans wearing a baggy velvet shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Bright & Warm

This outfit might not be right for the temperature currently, but what I’d like to highlight is all the bright colours. Too often we stick to the safety of our black and greys, when sometimes a simple outfit is made stylish by a splash of colour. Follow Luke Evans’s style lead and be brave with your colour choices when it comes to casual wear. Blue and yellow compliment each other as they’re on opposite ends of the colour wheel. Likewise, with red and green – but I’d avoid this one unless you’re Santa.

Luke Evans in a bright coat

[Image: Instagram]

Final Thoughts

Which is your favourite Luke Evans outfit? Personally, I’m a fan of the feathered blouses and white tights he wears as Gaston but I’m not sure I can encourage it as a safe fashion choice.

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