Men: What To Wear On Valentines Day

Written by Marc | 10/02/2020


How To

Picking what to wear at Valentine’s Day can be tough. You’ve done everything else. The tables booked, the flowers have been picked, and you’ve resisted eating the heart shape chocolates. Now what do you wear? Here we go through a few date outfits that will leave you looking your best.

The Smart Date

Assuming you’re not taking your Valentine’s to a fast food chain (please don’t) you’re going to need to step up your game. Casual suits can be hard to get right, but a plain t-shirt underneath your blazer jacket and matched with lighter chinos is a safe bet for any restaurant. Or to wear a smart shirt (no tie) matched again with chinos and a smart jacket.

These looks keep you smart but casual. The aim is to look like you haven’t tried very hard to get ready (even though you and I both know you have) whilst still looking impressively sophisticated. Just make sure the t-shirt looks nice without the jacket as well – in case it gets too stuffy in that restaurant. As long as it fits properly you should be fine.

Smart outfits like these require confidence, so try to keep those first date nerves to a minimum and you’re bound to impress.

A man walking out of a building wearing a smart jumper matched with a blue overcoat, grey chinos and a designer suitcase.

The Outdoor Date

Maybe you’re feeling more adventurous this Valentines? Or maybe you just live in Britain and understand that it’s freezing outside. Either way, practical can still look smart. For a cosy Valentines look we recommend smart jackets from expert brands, like Parajumpers and Barbour who specialise in outdoor wear.

barbour coat for men


The Casual Date

Let’s face it, most of us are happy with a cheeky Nandos, and dressing up isn’t as big of a deal. For a more casual dinner date fashion, we recommend a smart roll-necked jumper matched with jeans or chinos. As simple as simple gets. Just make sure you pick dark jeans if you’re going for denim or you’ll end up looking like Steve Jobs.

A man sat on a wooden stair holding his hands. He is wearing a black polo neck jumper and dark grey chinos.

Another Valentine’s date tip is to try to stick to neutral colours to ensure everything matches, blues, browns and greens are usually a safe bet.

For Everything Else

If you’re not sure what to wear, then we recommend you keep things simple for now. Leave those Hawaiian shirts in the wardrobe and opt for the neutral colours we recommended earlier. Safe choices are blue, green, white, grey, brown and black. We’re not peacocking here (you’re already their Valentine) so let’s not dazzle your date with wild fashion choices just yet – unless you think they’d dig that, in which case go for it!

In the end, the best piece of advice I could give is to be yourself. Unless yourself is flip flops with socks then, in that case, get some new designer shoes and learn to love yourself.

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