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Written by Dan | 14/07/2023


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Mens Swimwear Guide – Get ready, folks! It’s that time of the year again – the swimming short season has finally arrived! In the UK, we only have a limited window of opportunity to show off our legs and bask in the sun’s warmth. So, it’s crucial to equip yourself with a trusty pair of swimming shorts to make the most of this situation.

Are you wondering what the best swim shorts for men are? How long should they be? And let’s settle this once and for all, are budgie smugglers ever acceptable? (Spoiler alert: Definitely not!) We’ve got you covered with our expert insights and the ultimate do’s and don’ts of classic swimwear, ensuring you’re beach ready in style. I’ll throw in a few favourite summer picks from our huge range of men’s swimwear along the way. And hey, if you’re looking for other types of shorts, don’t forget to check out our ultimate shorts guide.

Mens Swimwear Guide - A man in shorts on the beach


Let’s get started with men’s swimwear don’ts:

Board Shorts – Leave those baggy 3/4 lengths behind. It’s time to upgrade your summer wardrobe and ditch the bulky excess fabric. Board shorts are best suited to surfing – choose the right swimwear.

Garish Patterns – While we totally applaud making a statement with patterns, neon bright designs under the sun can be quite blinding. Choose the stylish option – swimming trunks with subtle, classy patterns that won’t scare off unsuspecting beachgoers.


Calvin Klein Tie Dye Swim Shorts

Calvin Klein Tie Dye Swim Shorts


Shapeless Shorts – Baggy and unflattering swimwear? No, thank you. Embrace your body type and choose properly fitted shorts that enhance your physique. If you have muscular thighs, go a size up, and for slimmer builds, opt for body sculpting styles that flatter your frame instead of a loose fit.

Tight Fitting Swimwear – Let’s face it, wearing swim briefs or Speedos around the pool is never a good idea. Whether it’s a lads’ holiday or a stag do, save everyone’s eyes and leave the tight-fitting budgie smugglers at home. Some things are best left to the imagination.


Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts

Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts


Now, men’s swimwear do’s:

Pastel Colours – Say goodbye to dark clothing and hello to vibrant pastel hues. Blues, greens, and pinks will make a fashion statement and accentuate your tan if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Mid-length Shorts – When it comes to swim shorts, mid-thigh is the way to go. These are usually between five and seven inches long, slightly above the knee. A perfect length for making a beach or poolside statement without ever running the risk of being too revealing.


Barbour Tartan Swim Shorts

Barbour Tartan Swim Shorts


Go Shorter – Show off those leg gains! When shopping for swim shorts, remember that the hemline should fall a few inches above the knee. If you’ve been putting in the work at the gym or you happen to be Daniel Craig, why not be bold and go for a shorter length?

Try Out New Styles – Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different styles and find the one that fits you best. Whether it’s a classic pair of pastel swim trunks or a bright patterned style, there’s something for everyone.


Tommy Hilfiger Drawstring Swim Shorts

Tommy Hilfiger Drawstring Swim Shorts


Don’t forget to check the label – after all, textile composition is key when looking for swimwear. Opt for fabrics such as polyester, nylon or elastane-blend; not only are these lightweight and fast-drying but they also offer extra protection against the sun’s rays. Your swimwear should include a mesh lining and an elastic waistband where possible.

So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to men’s swimwear. Remember to stay safe, have fun and look smart this summer! And don’t forget your sun cream. Now go forth and make a splash with the perfect swimwear for men. Enjoy!




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