It’s all well and good being a Dad but dressing like a Dad is a whole other sport. People constantly make simple style mistakes that make them look older than they are. Now there’s nothing wrong with becoming a silver fox, but some men can make the tragic mistake of dressing older than their age. […]

Loafers are the forgotten shoes you need to reintroduce to your wardrobe. Often neglected in place of trainers or brogues, loafers can be a stylish addition for both casual and formal wear. Being easy to dress up or down makes them your newest go-to shoe that’s minimalistic, easily adaptable, and looks like you’ve put a […]

Mena Massoud has been making strides since staring in Disney’s newest Aladdin. The 27-year-old is far from a street rat when he’s not on set. From looking sharp and formal on the red carpet to colourful casual wear at Coachella. Mena has his own style that includes some bold accessorizing and a fantastic dose of […]

What is a Cuban collar and how should you wear one? Cuban collar shirts are the trend for men this season, and you really should consider adding one (or five) to your wardrobe. Once thought shapeless and the kind of item Hawaiian prints belonged on, Cuban collars have undergone a renaissance thanks to Louis Vuitton […]

Fast Fashion sure does have its advantages, but the best items in your wardrobe are no doubt investment pieces. But which designer brands have lifetime guarantees? These are the clothes, boots and accessories that will stand up to the test of time and last you years rather than months. The kind of boots you’ll never […]

How do you break boots in fast? It happens to the best of us. You buy a new pair of boots, the pair of boots. You wear them once, they look fantastic. Then they sit in your shoe cupboard for months because they hurt to wear. Genuine leather boots can be tough on our feet […]

How should chinos fit? The smart-casual trousers, Chinos are a simple staple for any man’s wardrobe. Pulling off the chino look is easy, as long as you know what size and length your need. Let us take you through how to fit and style your chinos properly, no matter the occasion. Chinos are available in […]

We understand, the sun is finally out, it’s hot and you want to wear shorts; but every time you do you feel like an awkward 12-year-old and quickly switch back to trousers. Just because it’s casual wear doesn’t mean it’s easy to match, so here are Mainline Menswear top tips for wearing shorts in summer. […]

A lot of modern offices have become lenient on the dress code, offering more than just ‘casual-Fridays’. Jeans are now considered acceptable to wear in the office Monday-Friday. However, this doesn’t mean you have full freedom to dress how you would on a weekend. We’ll show you exactly how to wear jeans in the office […]

The new Nike Air Max 200 are the latest silhouette to join the Mainline collection. Let’s forget the bright neon colours that took over trainers for a little while there, we want to go back to plain black, with the minimalistic look Nike have nailed in the Air Max 200s. Consider these silhouettes as the […]

Once shunned as the most cringe-worthy of cuts, Dad jeans are the latest fashion trend we love here at Mainline Menswear. The slightly baggy, kind-of too short, and 80’s inspired wash might seem like an odd choice at first, but it turns out the Dads were right all along. Your Dad Jeans can be worn […]

The 80s was a fantastic time for cheesy films, upbeat music and most importantly: bold fashion choices. We’re talking shoulder pads, garish patterns and ungodly short shorts. For better or worse, these brave fashion trends were eventually replaced with the more subdued outfits we got in the 90s’ and 00s’. Minimalistic fashion took over for […]