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Written by Andy | 17/02/2010


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Luke 1977

Luke 1977 is the newest brand at Mainline Menswear and is already proving to be hot property both on the top designer menswear website and in the fashion world, where British brands are enjoying domination in the casual designer menswear market. This new brand brings its own unique sense of style and creativity to the fashion brands list, which is now flowing steadily, and will expand in the coming months to some of the top designer menswear brands from around the world.

The Luke 1977 boasts an ever-increasing product range, with brand new spring-summer 2010 Luke 1977 t-shirts and Luke 1977 jackets being added what seems like daily at the moment. These will sit fantastically alongside the Luke 1977 jumpers, and the other items in the range, the Luke 1977 shorts, footwear and watches.
The Luke 1977 brand all began in Walsall, some years ago, when Luke Roper was born. After various fashion courses at college and university in London Luke Roper formed the fashion brand “Luke” in 2001. Since then the brand has developed some fantastic designs and styles and has grown significantly in stature and status in the last 9 years. Alongside the fantastic men’s Luke1977 clothing range, there is also a successful Luke jeans range, named Forever in Luke Jeans, which consists of some of the best washes and denim around, at a fantastically affordable price. Luke 1977 jeans will be available at Mainline Menswear in May, alongside the already hugely successful Luke 1977 t-shirts and Luke clothing.
The rise in the stature of Luke 1977 is also down to the celebrity clientele that prefers the Luke 1977 brand to many of the other designer menswear brands. Celebrity fans include actors Stephen Graham and Jody Latham, footballers Jamie Carragher and David Beckham, super bands The Enemy and Kid British and brand new England and Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand. The list is endless as to the celebrity fans of Luke clothing, so by wearing the brand’s signature logo with pride you will not be in bad company. Oh, and there is the little matter of you wearing something both stylish and unique, as no brand can even match the styles and design features used by Luke Roper and his creative team.
You can buy Luke 1977 clothing in the UK, and around the world at Mainline Menswear now and it is well worth a good look at this fantastic new brand just to see what all the fuss is about!

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