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Written by Andy | 09/09/2010


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This week saw the debut of the channel 4 series This Is England 86. The series revisits the BAFTA winning 2008 film This Is England and focuses around a group of skinheads in the mid 80s. At the time Chris De Burgh is top of the music charts, Top Gun is in the cinemas, England are playing over in Mexico at the World Cup and a huge number of Brits are unemployed. Now usually the release of a new series on the television wouldn’t cause excitement within the walls of Mainline Menswear however the trailer alone had our tongues wagging at the British designer brands on show purely in the 30 second advert.

The vintage revival that is currently being experienced in the fashion world has seen Lyle and Scott jump to the top of most people’s bestsellers lists and the golden eagle can be seen almost anywhere and everywhere now; British tennis inspired brand Fred Perry has recently come back from the wilderness and the popular laurel logo is once again a key brand to be seen in as well as Baracuta, the British Harrington jacket brand that is distinguishable through its G9 design and unique tartan lining but also now features amazing polo t shirts bearing the Baracuta logo. The Baracuta brand has enjoyed a revival of late with the iconic Baracuta G9 being featured on TV and in films such as the last James Bond film with Daniel Craig sporting a black Harrington jacket. These three sensational brands are just three quarters of a mini revival that has also seen Gabicci reappear in the fashion world, partly thanks to the recent Nick Love film, to complete the 80s vintage revival.
Alongside the main group of skinheads from the original film the sequel series also features a rival group – The Casuals. Obviously with any 80s film or series the casuals feature the top Italian designer sports brands of the time so retro Sergio Tacchini, Fila Vintage and Robe Di Kappa all get another airing on television alongside the top mopeds of the mid 80s. The tracksuits and track tops on show are bright, eye catching and heavily branded, so keep an eye out for your favourite.

For fans of the original film, those of you who remember 1986 or those who want to authenticate and replicate the fashions and styles of the mid to late 80s through the re-birth of today’s vintage brands then this four part series is a must as it will give you every piece of fashion advice needed, while also making you laugh, cry and reminisce about the fashion, music and lifestyle of the 1980s.Most of the brands featured in the Channel 4 series This Is England ’86 (skinhead and casual) are available at Mainline Menswear where the vintage 80s brands are live online and ready for the fashionable male – young and old!

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