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Written by Kimberley | 05/11/2012


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Original Penguin Jacquard Bobble HatThere’s a date to remember which is the 5th of November… Bonfire Night! It’s an event always celebrated outside with pretty fireworks and scrumptious toffee apples. I think a certain three-piece set should be implemented on such a chilly occasion… the classic hat, scarf and gloves of course. Although I personally associate matching sets with young children, I don’t think you can knock an individual piece of each all worn together.

Maybe you have a bonfire to attend this evening and perhaps you have kids, who would definitely appreciate this Original Penguin jacquard bobble hat! I look at it and just think ‘fireworks’! I think it’s the bright colours of red and yellow which also make me think of ‘fire’. It’s a sparkler of a find for Bonfire Night!

Hugo Boss Fair Isle Bobble HatWhile on the topic of hats and yearly events, check out this HUGO BOSS Fair Isle knitted bobble hat for Christmas – don’t you think it looks awfully like a Home Alone Kevin McCallister hat?!

Anyway, I’m going to focus on two separate sets of winter warmers with two of my favourite men in mind… my dad and my boyfriend. I know, after last winter’s disaster shopping trip to find him a hat and scarf that my boyfriend would love a creative set he can wear all winter with anything. And my dad, who doesn’t have a lot of hair to keep the head warm, absolutely appreciated the all wool Belstaff beanie hat I purchased him last year and I know he would wear a set purely for the warmth and prefer not to stand out with bright knitted ensembles. So I set out to dress my boyfriend and my dad…
Penfield Bobble Hat Ted Baker Scarf Paul Smith Gloves
Bang on trend this winter is a bobble hat – a hat that I personally think men are afraid of through fear of actually looking like Kevin McCallister!! But it is a hat that is hard to escape this year and I think my boyfriend would suit this design by Penfield – not plain but not overly bold either, and in a range of colours – I chose the safe colour navy to team with many outfits. I had to inject some Fair Isle knit somewhere as it is also a top trend and the colours of this Ted Baker beauty suit almost any colour and style of garment it may be worn with. Finally, I love the fun element of these Paul Smith warm wool gloves with multi-coloured fingertips. When worn with a coat the colourful fingertips will be all that will be seen.

My dad certainly wouldn’t entertain a bobble hat so another classic beanie hat for him, in the unique, yet premium quality of CP Company should do, constructed purely of thick, warm wool. Can’t imagine my dad folding down the goggles but hey the feature keeps him young! A scarf with a contrasting reversible design from Ralph Lauren makes it versatile for more use and saves this set from a bland look with its windowpane design in purple. And finally gloves… Dad’s favourite! To keep his cold little hands warm I would be silly not to suggest leather gloves. HUGO BOSS are the boss of those, and I have chosen the Haindt pair in soft lamb leather and lined in wool so there will be no frost bites!
CP Company Beanie Ralph Lauren Scarf Hugo Boss Gloves
Maybe Bonfire night has given you the motivation to set out looking for the classic three-piece set but with my ideas and the vast selection to choose from on Mainline Menswear, at least you can rest assured that the designs will see you right through winter and most importantly that the set will keep you warm!

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