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Written by Andy | 12/04/2013

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The buyers at Mainline Menswear have been chasing Y3 for as long as I remember, and as of spring summer 2013 they can finally sit back in their chairs, put their feet on the desk and relax knowing that they have added one of the worlds most renowned premium designer sportswear brands to the ever growing collection at Mainline Menswear.

Y-3 is a collaboration of global sportswear and high end fashion with the ‘Y’ standing for designer Yohji Yamamoto, the 3 representing the signature three stripes of Adidas and the ‘-‘ signifies the bond between the two. Having been available for nearly twelve years Y3 has proven consistently popular over the period and thanks to some fairly unique pieces and a rather different outlook to either Adidas or Yohji Yamamoto’s usual work within the fashion industry the brand has forged a must have identity.

Adidas Y3 Logo T Shirt in Black at Mainline MenswearY-3 Tokio Trainers in Black at Mainline Menswear

When you look at this season’s range of Y-3 at Mainline Menswear you’ll immediately see a vary array of colours and prints with yellow, blue and red appearing alongside the usual basic black, white and grey. As you’d expect for a premium clothing range the prices aren’t particularly low, but they’re in the right price range for a premium sportswear collection with t shirts around the £65 mark and sweats priced upwards of £150. The great expense of the range, but possibly the most intriguing part is the footwear.

As Adidas are one of the world’s leaders in trainers you’d expect a great selection, and you won’t be disappointed. With the popular Boxing, Sprint and Tokio trainers appearing alongside Sala and Honja – plus not forgetting the Yohji flip flops – you can find the signature 3 stripe design and Yohji Yamamoto logos. As the prices are so much higher than a standard pair of Adidas Originals there are obviously significant design changes with premium leather, mesh panels, branded sole plugs and even a cut away heel for added comfort.

The best of sport, fashion and premium fashion can be found from Y3 at Mainline Menswear, so why not head over there now and check out the latest seasonal range and collection?

Y3 Sprint Trainers in White at Mainline MenswearY-3 Classic Polo T Shirt in Red at Mainline Menswear

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