Fashion debate: Why do men like designer clothing?

Written by Marc | 25/11/2013


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Why do men like designer clothing?

designer clothes at Mainline MenswearGone are the days when men settled for clothing that they were expected and supposed to wear. The modern day male is just as much into fashion as the fashion obsessed woman these days, and why not? The fashion trend is at its peak with on-line shopping and magazines paving the way for better user experiences and provide prospective shoppers with an experience and education in what to buy, and what to wear! According to people buy designer clothes because “since designer clothes are much more expensive , wearing them brings them at par with the higher upper class of society”.

We believe that there are a number of reasons men enjoy designer clothes and have examined below what some of these reasons might be.


It’s all in the quality

It’s often universally agreed that men love designer items for the quality. Designer items are often not mass produced and the quality and design is usually second to none. Wearing your favourite designer clothing simply to just go out to the shops or for a night out with your friends make you feel as though you are standing out from the crowd as you are not likely to see ten other men wearing the same shirt as you. A fantastically made garment ensures you feel secure and confident in your look, you feel at ease as you put in 100% trust into your designer item. “Elegance is always in style for men. There are all different kinds of elegance. It can be silk, it can be a T-shirt” – Donatella Versace


Being associated with the brand

Another reason men enjoy wearing designer clothes is being recognised or associated with a particular brand due to that brands image. For example, you may feel like you really love Armani due to their heritage and particular style therefore contributing to your identity. When people start associating you with a particular brand it can become pretty flattering and it helps build your image and confidence!


From a psychological perspective

psychology headSociety can put an awful lot of pressure on appearance, with magazines and websites constantly showing us the perfect, figures, faces and wardrobes, it’s difficult not to fall victim to this pressure of what is supposed to be stylish. The main thing is that these celebrities we are fed everyday through the media have the money to maintain a designer wardrobe and your average every day man can’t update a wardrobe worth thousands every few weeks! Buying a designer item and wearing it can speak volumes for you. Men can immediately feel confident and even wealthy when wearing a designer jumper for example, as it’s the status that item can give you.

Paying more for a designer item is well worth it for you as you know it’s special so you feel special wearing it, buying a cheap t-shirt or item for a discount just doesn’t give you that uplifting feeling, it’s all psychological. On it has been argued that men  “like a designer’s fashion trends, but rather because it demonstrates that they have money”.


In conclusion

And there are of course, men whom just generally prefer designer items, not for psychological reasons or to feel more ‘upper class’ as discussed above. Some men just like to feel as though they are in fashion and bang on trend with an air of authority you can only get from designer brands. Through the debate above it can be concluded that everyone has their own particular reasons for wearing designer clothing but with one common factor across all arguments being to feel good.

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