Head to head: Leather Gloves vs. Wool Gloves

Written by Marc | 13/11/2013

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When the winter comes and the cold starts to bite at your hands on those frosty winter days, out come the old faithful pair of gloves!

With such a large amount to choose from selecting a pair of gloves sometimes isn’t such an easy task. The practicalities of getting a great pair of winter gloves are priceless and allow you to go about your daily activities in a much easier fashion.  A good pair of gloves allow you to drive without painfully cold hands, shovel snow and clean the car windscreen on those frosty mornings so it’s most definitely worth the time and effort in choosing the best pair of gloves for yourself!

We were wondering what you preferred, as we have two pretty tough contenders:

The leather glove or the wool glove?

leather and wool gloves at Mainline Menswear

Firstly let’s take a look at the leather gloves. Leather gloves have excellent grip, are great for driving and provide excellent protection against the elements! A personal favourite; a luxurious pair of leather gloves by HUGO BOSS.  These stunning gloves are made from soft lamb’s leather sporting wedge shaped panels on the fingers and a small velcro strap on the back of the wrist for ease of removal of the glove which also features the signature HUGO BOSS logo embossed on the leather. For added comfort and luxury the gloves have a fine wool mix lining.
leather gloves at Mainline Menswear

Secondly let’s take a look at the more traditional choice in gloves; the wool gloves. The wool gloves give the wearer much more choice in regards to style and colour as many patterns and designs are available. A great new benefit of the wool gloves is that you can purchase them with fingertip technology like the ones below by Fred Perry which enables you to work your mobile phone and other touch screen devices.

wool gloves at Mainline Menswear

What would you choose?
Obviously there are benefits to both leather and wool gloves; if you are going for a smart, somewhat polished look then a pair of leather gloves may prove to be the gentlemanly look. Maybe you prefer the more traditional wool glove for comfort and warmth? Let’s face it all winter activities are so much easier if your hands are warm!
gloves at Mainline Menswear

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