Product of the Week – Stone Island Hooded Jumpers

Written by Andy | 31/01/2013


Stone Island

Sometimes I don’t think that Stone Island are given enough praise when it comes to the fashion side of their brand. Made famous in the 80s by travelling football fans, terrace wear and more recently by a few football fan related films Stone Island comes with a certain expectation of the wearer – however when you travel to Italy you’ll see the true representation of the Stone Island brand. It’s seen as a much more fashionable brand name where the colours are embraced and matched with chinos, deck shoes, casual shirts and other continental trends. In the UK you’d expect to see a Stone Island jumper mixed with a pair of dark indigo jeans, Adidas Originals or Nike trainers and a scarf or hat.

Either way of wearing the Stone Island brand is perfectly on trend, but if you’re a little worried about being seen as something you’re not wearing Stone Island consider this – why are you going to go looking for a scrape or two wearing over £200 worth of jumper or £600 worth of jacket? It’s simply all a perception of a brand, and one that should be changed slightly to fit with the more continental look, allowing more people to enjoy Stone Island. One other side note before we take a look at the jumper – Mainline Menswear are authorised stockists of Stone Island. Be very wary of any Stone Island goods that carry the logo on BOTH the chest and the left arm. Official or authentic Stone Island clothing will only have one badge or logo on EITHER the left sleeve or left of the chest.

Product of the Week Stone Island Hooded Jumpers at Mainline Menswear

This season at Mainline Menswear the Stone Island hooded jumpers are coming in at just over £200 while the crew neck sweaters are just below the £150 mark. Many more are expected alongside the iconic Stone Island jackets, casual shirts and polo shirts, graphically branded t shirts and the popular Stone Island jeans that carry the signature Stone Island logo and badge on the back pocket. The hooded jumper I have picked out is perfect for those chilly spring days and as I said above can be matched with either jeans or chinos and can be smartened up with a polo shirt or casual shirt. Electric or cobalt blue in colour with a black zip the jumper is made from 100% cotton and features two hip pockets and an elasticated waistband and cuffs. While this design may not break too many moulds it’s the compass rose badge on the left sleeve plus the quality of the materials that you’re paying for.

Stone Island should be worn by and enjoyed by many more men around the UK, and with more colours, designs and styles being made available season by season we’re seeing a wider variety of Stone Island customer, so why not join them now on Mainline Menswear?

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