Style Icon: Jake Bugg Wearing Fred Perry, Weekend Offender and Diesel

Written by Marc | 25/03/2013


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There are many style icons out there at the moment, but one of the newcomers to music has swiftly caught the eye at the tender age of 19. With his Dylan-esq vocals and youthful good looks Jake Bugg has sold 35,000 copies of his album in the first week of launch making him one of the most iconic young British artists at the moment. So it’s also quite handy that he has a great dress sense and enjoys wearing a variety of brands, most of which can be found on Mainline Menswear. A cursory glance through a Google Images search for Jake Bugg will show thousands of images of the fresh faced Nottingham born lad wearing Fred Perry, Weekend Offender, Adidas Originals, Lacoste and Diesel among many more designer names.

While the style that Bugg displays isn’t anything unusual or out of the ordinary he is swiftly becoming an icon with his floppy indie styled haircut and his love for slim jeans, trainers and a classic polo shirt. Throw an iconic Harrington jacket on top and put a guitar in his hands and you have one of the more influential indie rockers of 2013 on your hands. He has recently been snapped in America at the famous music festival SXSW (South by South West) wearing a Weekend Offender Category A shirt from their latest range. Other than that he’s been seen out and about almost everywhere it seems since his album was launched in October 2012 wearing classic styled indie clothing that wouldn’t look out of place on his influences and hero’s such as Noel Gallagher and The Arctic Monkeys.

Fancy picking up on this young icons style? Check out the images below, or click here to see how our blog editor would have Bugg styled if he were to drop into the Mainline Menswear offices.


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