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Written by Marc | 20/11/2013


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In celebration of the new stock of Dr Martens we have received, we’d love to find out just why these boots are so popular amongst men, women and children alike! How has a boot managed to become the hight cool, in fact the second you purchase or wear your new Dr Martens, you feel instantly cool as though you belong to some super fashion brigade!

dr martens at Mainline Menswear

We have all heard of the name Dr Martens, haven’t we; The signature leather boots are available in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes. So, do you know how the Dr Martens were born? As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, the brand was founded by Klaus Märtens, a doctor in the German army during World War II, finding that the standard army boot was not comfortable enough for his injured foot. During his recovery he developed significant improvements to the boots, upgrading to soft leather and air-padded soles made of tyres. Dr Martens have a factory in Northampton and go through some incredible processes during their creation!  

dr martens at Mainline Menswear

So how has the boot that was born in a war become one of the most fashionable and coveted boots money can buy?

Dr Martens have an ability to adapt and embrace change while maintaining their touch of tradition in all their boots. The beauty of Dr Martens is their versatility and how they are literally available to an unlimited audience! Dr Martens can own the street style or they can be worn by a ‘dandy’ for a smart and refined look!

New York fashion writer and style expert Izzy Tuason from thedandyproject.com says ” It is their classic shape, durability, and comfort that has allowed them to remain in fashion for so long. I wore Dr. Martens to school as a child, and I still wear the same pair today, in a bigger size of course!”.

Sophia Marinho de Lemos, founder of http://girlinmenswear.com/ shares her opinion on the famous boots with us:

“Dr Martens has long been associated with free-spiritedness and rebellion. The shoes conjure up images of 60s mod culture, when girls dressed androgynously and listened to so-called “modernist” music. They’ve always been the uniform of the non-conformist, the go-to footwear on the grunge and punk scene too. No other boot says “don’t mess with me” like the Dr Marten, and with the tomboy trend back in for AW13 they are the perfect accessory for dressing down even the most feminine of looks. Brit girls Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn and Pixie Geldof have worn them to toughen up their style, and if they do it, you know a generation will follow suit. “

We also spoke to our Social Media Executive, Lauren Trotter about what she thinks in regards to the eternal Dr Martens trend;

Why do you think men love Dr Martens?

Great image /mod fashion, sheer quality timeless fashion. Great chunky powerful manly boot!

I can see you are wearing a pair of Dr Martens, what made you buy them?  

Always worn them from been young so for over 20 years! Love how they bring out new designs on original boots and great for rubbish weather! Go with anything also in summer.

What would you wear them with? 

Skinny jeans rolled up tight fitted shirt or cable knit jumper.


And the proofs in the pudding, here’s a great picture of Lauren with her fashionista son Marshall, both sporting their Dr Martens!

mother and son wearing Dr Martens


Different looks you could go for with your Dr Martens: 

  • Sophisticated: Chinos & chunky knit jumper
  • Street Style: Jeans or cut off’s with a band t-shirt and beanie hat
  • Casual: Black jumper and black trousers
  • Mod: Leather jacket, jeans

dr martens at Mainline Menswear

Why are Dr Martens popular with celebrities?

Dr Martens are also at their height of popularity with celebrities wearing them, a current trend with celebrities is actually having custom made Dr Martens to coincide with their unique styles. This is the sheer genius of Dr Martens, their ability to create a boot that can be uniquely tailored and designed to suit a specific individual.
celebrities in dr martens


After thoroughly enjoying writing this blog post I know feel so much more educated, the one problem is though I feel as though I am missing one major thing, A PAIR OF DR MARTENS after doing hours of research into the boots and looking at countless images of the incredible colours and style available I am now on my own hunt for the perfect pair!

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