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Written by Marc | 21/01/2014



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Football managers are used to spending time in the spotlight be it on the touchline or in the back pages of the paper, so it should come as no surprise that those who have a good dress sense become icons of men’s fashion. Here are a few that have set the trends in recent times.

Pep Guardiola

One of the best current managers in the world who enjoyed a trophy-laden spell with FC Barcelona in Spain before moving on to take the reins at another of the world’s biggest clubs, Bayern Munich. Pep just happens to be one of the best in terms of fashion too and rarely gets it wrong whether dressing casually in a pink polo, smartly for a cup final in a suit and skinny tie or with his more recent chinos and roll neck jumper combination. It is this ability to dress his own way which has made Pep the subject of many a modern-day “man crush”.

Here we have re-created his casual style which is an unconventional ensemble to see gracing the sidelines of a football pitch. He clearly knows what he’s doing with clothes, though it should probably come as little of a surprise considering his parents ran a clothing shop during his childhood.

Follow the link to see Mainline’s version of Pep’s look, which is a simple pink Ralph Lauren polo, with beige Hugo Boss Orange chino’s and completed with Nike Blazer vintage trainers.

Joachim Low


You may have to first match the perfectly salon-styled hair of “Jogi”, but if you want to match his dress sense you can’t go too far wrong by combining a fresh white shirt with a neat jumper tied around the neck. He might look like he’s from Hollywood but his style has become synonymous with the German national football team- his coaching assistants dressed in matching outfits to him at the last World Cup. He can’t be a bad manager either; he’s just entered his 8th year in charge of the German team.

Here is a concoction of Mainline products that make up a vintage Joachim Low look. First, we have the smart/ casual jumper with the crisp white shirt. Then we add the slim smart black jeans before finally adding polished black shoes to complete the look.

Paul Tisdale

The lesser-known of men on this list but certainly not inferior in terms of style, Paul Tisdale stands out in the lower leagues of England as manager of Exeter City with a snappy dress sense in a league which is full of “tracksuit managers”. As a former England youth international, he also represents the best Britain can offer in terms of well-dressed managers (albeit he was born in Malta). Tisdale is most recognisable for his matching hat and blazers, so here we have re-created his look for you with three simple key items. First, combine a smart hat like this Diesel Celquit hat in khaki with a G Star Raw white shirt. Add the Luke 1977 Soeron blazer and then you too can stand out from the crowd like Tisdale does so expertly.

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Jose Mourinho

No list of cool football managers would be complete without “The Special One” and it’s not only his management skills that are special but also his eye for a smart coat.
He burst onto the scene as manager of FC Porto when they caused an upset to beat Manchester United in the Champion’s League all those years ago, but it wasn’t until he took over at Chelsea and had the audacity to skid along the grass in his designer clobber that people started to recognise his slick style. He has made the “Mourinho coat” his trademark fashion piece, which is typically a dark colour and long in length to suit the cold English winter. To recreate the Special One’s look at Mainline, look no further than the Dr Denim Lamper jacket. Add the granite grey Lacoste boxed scarf, and a dark grey jumper such as the Hugo Boss Green Salbo jumper (which can all be seen below) and you too can claim to have a special sense of style

Roberto Mancini

Former Manchester City manager Mancini became the man when it came to football manager fashion in his brief spell in the Premier League, and will probably be remembered most for his ability to pull off wearing a scarf more so than his ability to lead his team to glory. Like many Italians, he has a tailored designer style which he coupled with a distinctive long flowing mane of hair. Roberto goes for a casual take on the modern “suit manager” by wearing jumpers underneath a blazer with a scarf to provide a style edge that certainly hadn’t been seen in English football beforehand.

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