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Written by Marc | 11/07/2014



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It has been a busy year for the British heritage brand, Belstaff, releasing their biggest ever campaign with none other than David Beckham fronting it.

Capturing the spirit of adventure and striving to be more than just a brand specializing in leather, each product has its own story, steeped in British roots. Ever since they paired with the Labelux conglomerate they have switched their focus to positioning the brand towards a luxury sporting consumer with much more personality. Consumers will now think instantly of the unique relationship between man and machine, and of the freedom and adventure felt by wearing Belstaff’s clothing and this is complemented by venturing into new styles.

Product Pick:

The pick of any Belstaff collection has to be a leather jacket; they have such an extensive set it is difficult not to find one for any given occasion. Here, the Weybridge is selected for its all-around appeal. This is a luxury sports product defined, it is a practical design with shortened length, intended to sit just about at hip level. It still keeps the signature shoulder and elbow reinforcement of a more traditional Belstaff product, but it has a diverse element with modern-looking zips visible on the exterior. This, like all quality leather products, has a thick and durable texture that gets softer with age and develops a unique colour exclusive to each wearer.

Belstaff Weybridge JacketBelstaff badge

Styling is largely dependent on personal preference, features such as the snap waist closure and stand-up collar and throat latch allow for the chance to customise fit and aesthetics. Not all Belstaff products have visible branding in their appearance but the sewn-on patch on the upper arm is a subtle mark of class and identity on this item. Coming in at a respectable £475 this is certainly at the more affordable end of the Belstaff collection. But, it is one of the all-around products in their repertoire, striking the perfect balance between formal and casual.

Complete the Look:

Belstaff has one of the most distinctive brand styles in fashion today and this rugged look can be completed with the following choice items: a pair of black jeans and a pair of reliable boots. We’ve picked out a pair of Levi’s and Pretty Green’s Chukka Boots as the staples in this capsule wardrobe, but underneath the jacket itself, you are left with a little more room to experiment. Two of the most appropriate options come in the shape of either: the Belstaff Everett shirt with its subtle plaid button-up finish- perfect when going out or alternatively, David Beckham has shown that a plain crew neck t-shirt can look refined. A multi-pack will give you 3 colours to choose from so you can pick whichever suits your mood best, their cotton construction and close-to-the-body fit will keep through the washing process, unlike cheaper alternatives which you would expect to shrink, sag and discolour.

Belstaff - Complete the Look

David Beckham

Below: David Beckham promoting Belstaff at the opening of the flagship store in London and (right) wearing the Weybridge style leather jacket as he is about to set off on his motorcycle.

Beckham Belstaff LaunchBeckham Brazil Bike Ride

The poster boy of British football has seen his presence scale new heights since retiring from the game, he was seen in his latest TV documentary travelling through the Amazon on motorbikes in Brazil, he wore his vintage Belstaff riding jacket and t-shirts as he did so and earned many admirers in the process. He claims he became involved with Belstaff after developing a love for the brand when he picked up their product whilst shopping in vintage boutiques.

Latest collection overview     

Beckham Amazon Bike RideClassic Belstaff jackets like the Trialmaster, Roadmaster and the Panther all feature in the latest collection with revised colouring and a fuller, longer fit. The three of them are traditional motorsport designs that originate from the 1960s and have grown to become the styles most people associate with the Belstaff brand. The new approach to the brand image is evident in the Quilted Waistcoat and Wilson Jacket. The waistcoat is a new element of the Belstaff style which is intended to look at home over a thin layer or tucked inside a Roadmaster or Trialmaster, depending on the weather. Belstaff has updated its iconic four-pocket silhouette with the Rothbury Jacket which is ideal for everyday use and layering. This modern appearance lends itself more to the casual sporting consumer which they had hoped to tap into.

Above right: see David Beckham sporting the Belstaff waistcoat in his Amazonian adventure.



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