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Written by Marc | 22/09/2014


Brand Focus

Marshall Artist

Marshall Artist has returned for a second stint at Mainline Menswear and the brand new AW14 collection is available right now at the home of men’s designer brands. Looking closely at the latest range, we will reveal our key pieces and identify what has changed since its first spell with us.

Formed in 2001, their reputation is constantly growing in stature and prestige, this year the collection is primarily made in darkened tones  which are in-keeping with the winter season. Their reputation has been built on the back of being a luxury but affordable label and this is perhaps a reason to explain how they have grown to become not only one of Britain’s best loved brands, but also how they have progressed to the international level by distributing to countries such as the USA, Australia, China and the likes of Denmark and Canada too.

Marshall Artist’s signature product is the outdoor jacket which the experiment with nautical and explorer styles. This is the style most consumers look to buy into when they think of the brand and it is the product which has made their products instantly recognizable from the logo.


Their design philosophy is something of a continuous theme which revolves around creating pieces to suit modern style, reactive to trends in a bid to appeal to the everyday man. The result is a wearable range which has an ever -changing aesthetic from one year to the next. However, they do like to feature some eccentricities or quirks in their design which customers the world over love and associate with British design.


A dozen new designs have been released online in black, navy and burgundy which you can see features 3 popular outerwear silhouettes: the parka, mac and windcheater. Each of these styles are lightweight and waterproof with a tailored slim fit which lies close to the body. Designed to look and feel good on any given occasion, these are a particularly wise investment at the milder end of winter when thick layers are still not required.


Once you do need to layer your outerwear and avoid the cold pinch, they have got a full range of knitwear which comes in the same colour palette to compliment the statement outerwear pieces in a seamless fashion. In this category you will find hoodies and crew neck knits and sweatshirts which accommodates for most style or comfort preferences. It is little wonder that this brand has been picked up and worn by the likes of David Beckham, Jude Law and the Oasis boys.

Take a look at our Marshall Artist look below:


The final aspect covered in the new release is the t-shirt layer where continuity in colour stretches to include a long sleeve pique polo and a couple of classic logo t-shirts. The Marshall Artist look is very broad and adaptable to further experimentation you might say, but the season’s trend of oversized statement jackets paired with boots and a simple clean-cut shirt could be created with this brand with relative ease. Alternatively, you can layer the navy mac with their burgundy pique polo or a crew neck to perfectly create a refined, smart casual look which would naturally suit dark jeans and chukka boots down to the ground. This brand could feasibly appeal to those who are a fan of a terrace wear style or those who are fans of the looks created by brands such as Weekend Offender or Luke 1977 to name just two examples.

Here are our picks of the new collection: 

The last time Marshall Artist’s clothing appeared at Mainline Menswear their clothing was characterized by outdoor activities, they previously favoured the maritime style of outerwear but also produced a lot of hiking style clothes such as the gilet and specially tailored walking trousers. Today they go for a much more simplified look which loses the pockets and flamboyant stitches of their previous collections and instead uses richer materials which often now feature a worn in or aged look, such is the consumer appetite for this aesthetic.


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