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Written by Robert | 18/11/2014


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Fusing vintage Americana and Japanese inspired graphics with their high quality Great British tailoring, Superdry are a unique label with a diverse design ethic.

Owned by the SuperGroup company which was initially set up by Julian Dunkerton- who started his brand from a market stall- they first operated under the name Cult Clothing before eventually changing to Superdry in 2004. He started the latter company with the help of James Holder, who created the formerly popular Bench fashion brand and who found inspiration for Superdry whilst travelling Japan.
Known for quality fabrics, authentic washes, unique detailing, hand-drawn graphics and customised fits- they have become such a distinctive brand that they now have an international following and are popular with many different types of people.

The Japanese inspired brand from Cheltenham has a unique story and their style of clothing is just as intriguing, famous for producing styles such as lumberjack shirts, technical coats with numerous zips and printed t-shirts with vivid motifs. Over the past ten years they have found their own unique sector of the market and their success is no doubt due to the fact these have a far-reaching appeal.

Washed out but not vintage, sporty but not too technical, they have a ubiquitous quality and both a male and female fan base.  Nearly everybody agrees that they feel comfortable wearing Superdry’s clothing and that notion is supported by the heavy street presence the brand’s clothing has.

To start with at least, the brand were angling their product towards the younger generations having first expanded into UK university cities primarily. You can still find references to this from their collection of jogging bottoms and hoodies as well as rucksacks and the replica skiing style clothes they have on offer and sell in huge quantities each year, all of which are associated with this youthful market.

Here are a selection of their most popular items

For logo t-shirts in particular there is seemingly nowhere else to go for affordability and versatility. Anybody from teenagers to middle-aged will be seen to wear these styles but it has never put either party off sporting the designs as part of their everyday casual wear.

Everybody recognises the Superdry logo with its Japanese writing etched alongside it and a common misconception is that the company itself is from the East Asian region. Whilst their fit is generally quite slim this isn’t a reference to culture in Japan it is actually just a characteristic of the brand’s British tailoring.

superdry tokyo tThe SuperGroup clearly don’t follow trends, they never advertise and they never offer sales, but they do openly admit to being inspired by the bright lights of Tokyo and its bustling urban culture. Some say it is the spiritual home of streetwear itself and judging by the amount of Superdry products emblazoned with tigers and the words “Osaka” or “Tokyo” it is clear they think the Japanese theme best portrays their product.

Superdry has a significant and growing presence around the world, operating through 515 Superdry branded locations in 46 countries. There are 139 owned stores across the UK and mainland Europe, 208 franchised and licensed stores, all but one outside the UK, and 168 concessions.

Their AW collection is available online at Mainline Menswear now and it features a host of updated classic brand designs such as the logo t-shirt, winter wind-breaker jacket, hoodies, joggers and finally the affordable underwear set. Their look is characteristically casual and instantly ready to throw on with minimal fuss. The idea is that you can do so safe in the knowledge that it will always look good no matter what the occasion.


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