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Whilst golfers might not traditionally be the pinnacles of male fashion, it is true that the trends on the course reflect the tastes of popular culture. Maybe not all of their patterned trousers, sweatshirts and dodgy visors show such a reflection, but just as likes of Bing Crosby and Arnold Palmer of yesteryear showed- wearing their simple casual’s- the golf course can be a playground for style icons and healthy sponsorship deals.

If you are simply kitting yourself out for the new season on the course or if you are hoping to re-create the looks of players on-tour, here we will cast our eye over the ways to do it.

Historically, golf’s reputation is built on being a slightly luxurious and classy sport, outfits reflected this- past icons wore pique polo shirts, chinos and a solid pair of shoes. Although in recent times golf as a sport has become more technological allowing sports firms to wade in and battle to find the most breathable, sweatproof and generally most functional clothing possible.

Commercial sponsorship in golf is a multi-million dollar business- perhaps brands recognise that this is a platform to stand out and enhance their reputation, a further endorsement of golf’s influence in fashion. At present some of our very own brands at Mainline Menswear are in partnership with top golfers, how many did you know of?

Hugo Boss- Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson, Luke Guthrie


German brand boss has strong visibility in golf and their value of the sport is also evident in their Boss Green range which is effective for a golf-playing target audience. The star of their most recent marketing campaign is native German Martin Kaymer, former world number 1 and a big name on the golfing circuit: a partnership which stands as one of the biggest in the sport, seemingly running parallel to the success he is enjoying on the course. Kaymer’s best results actually came before the 2011 agreement with Hugo Boss, having won a major back in 2010 and topping the world rankings for 8 weeks in 2011. However, Kaymer played an important part in Europe retaining the Ryder Cup back in 2012, where he sank a crucial putt on the last hole of the tournament- so he should think of the brand as an unlucky omen just yet.

Boss Athleisure:

J. Lindberg- Camilo Villegas



This Swedish brand is well known for its ties with golf and they are represented by a host of current PGA players, most notably Camilo Villegas. “Spiderman”- as he is affectionately known for his unorthodox putting stance- represents the global image of the brand. He has become a global star, just like the retailer has grown to operate in 30 separate countries. The Colombian has emerged from one of the less traditional golfing nations to become recognised for his prodigal talent- a story which shares similar sentiments to the brand and designer Johan Lindberg too. Villegas is renowned for being one of the new generations of athletic golfers as opposed to pot-bellied champions of the past, a sporting star with clear marketable qualities.

Lindberg Look:


Luke 1977- Simon Dyson, Mark Foster, Matthew Nixon, Andy Sullivan, Steve Webster


Taking pride in being a Great British brand, Luke 1977 have chosen to associate themselves with purely British golfers. Luke also seem to buy into the idea of helping these lesser-known British players rub shoulders with the international stars such as Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and Rory McIlroy- just like J. Lindberg, their golfers mirror their own story of battling to compete with multinational clothing brands.

Other Brands in Golf- Lacoste, Penguin, Lyle & Scott

Original Penguin has a rich heritage in golf, having created the outfits for Arnold Palmer, Richard Nixon and Bob Hope in the days before Nike and other sporting brands took golf under their broadening wing’s. Lyle & Scott have a multitude of golf appropriate clothing which might appeal to those who like plaid prints and a patriotic sense of supporting a proud Scottish brand. Lacoste- more familiar in tennis- have been known to carry the outfits for some French golfers, their sleek polo’s and relaxed trousers are a classic golfing fashion statement.

Golf Outfits at Mainline Menswear

You might just be taking up golf, or else need to spruce up your style for your next club visit. Some of our brands can provide an up-to-date outfit that will make you a winner in the fashion department even if you aren’t a winner on the greens themselves.

Golf clothes at Mainline:

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