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Written by Marc | 11/03/2014


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In part one of our focus on G-Star Raw jeans we took a close look at the different fits in the current season’s collection, this time we have taken a look at how to style them with different outfits. Adopting the slogan “just the product” G-Star has concentrated on making denim products that fuse contemporary and urban styles for a number of years, and believe that each pair they produce has its own unique characteristics.

We have managed to get the opinions of Carl Tallents, from the G-Star Raw team, who has given us an exclusive interview. He says the label’s consumers vary far and wide in terms of age, saying: “We are now 25 years old and many customers have grown up with us, adding, “we are also very initiative and can appeal to all customer demographics”.

Having been a successful brand for over 25 years like Carl said, the company has a strong heritage now, a reputation he puts down to “always looking forward with design and innovation as well as being true to our DNA”.

Part 2- The styles  

Tapered Jeans-

G Star Tapered Fit

G-Star Raw creates so many varieties of this cut that it could cover most outfit selections in a man’s wardrobe.



Straight Jeans-

G Star Straight Fit

The production of this style has slowed in recent years but it is a classic fit and provides a safe choice for any number of occasions.


Slim Jeans-

G Star Slim Fit

A favoured cut at present, this smartly tailored fit accompanies the more sophisticated clothes in your wardrobe, maybe suitable for a special occasion.


Loose Jeans-

G Star Loose Fit

Still a key cut to have stored in any wardrobe, this variety of jeans is flattering for those with smaller legs or a wider frame. An all-round style


Each cut suit different people for their shape and dress style, Carl at G-Star says his favourite cut is slim: “Personally my favourite is the Arc Slim, the 3D construction around the human body form is not only stylish but very practical and comfy”.

Style focus

Here at Mainline, we have picked out our 5 key looks to create using G-Star jeans, pick your favourite from our look book below or feel free to create your own.



1. The paisley printed shirt by Fred Perry provides a smart look with eye-catching detail. The Dr Martens Bentley boot gives a robust quality yet maintains the dressy theme. Usually, when dressing smart it is safest to use a dark wash and so here we have used a tapered cut to add a sartorial edge to the outfit.

2. Dressing down the blazer into a more casual ensemble is a popular style choice at present, the Levi t-shirt acts as the casual and fun layer with its horizontal patterns, the faded light jeans are G-Star’s Slim Arc 3D’s and help to keep this outfit relaxed and informal. Luke’s blazer is the key piece of this sophisticated come casual outfit, the Ted Baker Waave shoes are a popular summertime shoe that will ensure this outfit is ready for the new season.

3. If you were worried your G-Star’s were exempt from everyday wear then don’t worry, here we have thrown the Type C Loose together with a classic Lyle and Scott polo in berry red and added some reliable Vans Kress trainers, completing the outfit with Penfield’s Rochester two-tone jacket. An outfit that is practical and comfortable for the unpredictable weather in the spring season.

4. G-Star’s innovative nature is displayed in their creation of the new jogger with an authentic denim style finish, this pair is ideal for dressing down and for comfort. We have paired it here with a pair of Nike Tailwind’s, which are expected to be extremely popular this year, and this has been complemented by the paisley printed t-shirt by Pretty Green,

5. For the final look we have used a shirt by Just Cavalli which is brand new this season and the straight cut 3310 ‘s by G-Star which are a versatile pair for use in a variety of contexts. For footwear, the Oliver Sweeney Brogues are a great dress shoe which have timeless fashion appeal.

Asked which new product he would recommend in the SS14 collection of jeans by G-Star, Senior Account Manager Carl said: “this season for me [would be] the Type C indigo aged. The deep indigo wash is fantastic and the drop back pockets on the back are very stylish”.

Below: G-Star SS14 pick- 5620 Type C 3D

The G-Star Raw Style

G-Star Raw has established its reputation in line with a host of big-name marketing collaborations. The brand focuses on diverse figures to fit hand-in-hand with the sort of image they hope to create for themselves. Previous associates include musician Sergio Pizzorno, models Lily Cole and Liv Tyler, ballerina Keenan Kampa and world chess champion Magnus Carlson. G-Star say their association with Carlson is based on the idea that “his uncompromising approach to the game [of chess] mirrors the hardcore design philosophy of G-Star”. Each collaborator seems to offer a small insight into how G-Star imagine the label. Asked whether these sorts of stars can be expected to feature in campaigns in the future, Carl said: “Collaboration with artists have to be pure. These are our icons and will be inherently a part of our DNA. Magnus Carlsen was an icon of ours a few years ago and we have used the world number one chess master once again. We also have ongoing collaborations with Provue furniture and Marc Newson. All collaborations are masters within their fields and bring a unique new feel to G-Star Raw. We work very closely developing ideas and inspiration with all.”

Below: World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is a long-serving G-Star Raw model.


G-Star Raw is noted for designing clothes with a strong military influence, as somebody who focuses on the brand’s image in his day-to-day job, Carl Talentts knows how best to explain this reputation, and how the brand plans to be seen in the future. ” G-Star Raw has also taken inspiration from military as designs. Military clothing tends to be functional and designed for a purpose. The clothing of each nation is a representation of style for the world to see, this is G-Star Raw DNA mixing functionality and style. The possibilities of this mix are endless and we see this always being incorporated into G-Star Raw. Using raw denim is something we will always incorporate. We like that the raw material can be formed and aged by the consumer over time to adopt its own unique style”.


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