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Written by Robert | 26/02/2014


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Part 1. The Fits

In the first of our two part guide to G-Star Raw jeans we will be breaking down the broad range of fits and considering which occasion each is best suited to, in part two we will aim to go further and look at how to style G-Star’s jeans into different outfits.

At Mainline Menswear you will find up to 100 unique pairs of G-Star Raw jeans accommodating a broad range of sizes 28-40, each with their own refined details. So as one of the brands biggest stockists we have selected 10 key pairs that will make finding the right fit easy in future.

Founded in Amsterdam, G-Star Raw has progressively developed into a global brand since 1989, noted for the unique raw denim production which is effectively untreated and gives a raw quality. The brand has been recognised as a brand which takes influence from military clothing and they like to be known for developing jeans which are unique to each wearer- as their raw denim develops different wear and abrasions depending on how they are washed and worn.

Jean Fits.

G Star Tapered Fit

Crotch Tapered- This fit is snug around the hips but allows room to breathe in the crotch and thigh area, it then narrows as it goes down to the ankle becoming much more fitted. The A crotch tapered 3d aged denim pair (pictured) is the prime example of this style, the large low pockets are a key feature on these jeans, which are primed for highlighting your choice of footwear. By nature these casual fitting jeans are made for everyday informal life, their comfort might persuade you to wear them on occasions where skinny restrictive jeans just aren’t appropriate.

g star jog

Crotch Sweat Tapered- Regular fitted at the waist thigh and hip; tapered from knee to ankle, regular rise at the front and back. The heavily dyed jersey material of this fit is the solitary of its kind in the G-Star range and makes a convincing denim look and texture for those who love the comfort of sweat pants. Unlike those types of trouser, these come with zip and button fly meaning it’s hard to distinguish them from genuine jeans. These are a great alternative to wearing the less formal joggers on an occasion when they aren’t the appropriate choice of clothing.

g star low taper

Low Tapered- Loosely fitted at the waist, hip and thigh, this style of jeans is known for its clean cut and versatile qualities. It has a low rise at the front and back with a tapered effect from knee to ankle. The 3301 is a classic model by G-Star and the 5620 3D is a more adventurous take on this type of fit. You can see both pairs below which are prominent in the Mainline Menswear range, and allow buyers the freedom to wear them on a multitude of occasions.

G Star Slim Fit

Arc 3D Slim- The Arc fit is amongst the most popular with G-Star Raw customers at Mainline, it has twisted seams that bend around the knee in such a way to create a 3D arc effect. The slim fit gives a wearer close to the figure feel in the ankle, thigh, waist and crotch areas. This refined design is utilised best when adding a casual twist to jeans suited to a smarter occasion.

g star slim

Slim- This jean is tightly fitted at the waist and hip, also with a tight leg from thigh to the hem. The item of choice for this fit is the New Radar which has a fine stitching finish to shape the luxury denim. Considered as one of the smarter pairs in the current collection, this is an ideal fit to pull out at a smart casual occasion where you might need something to pair with your polished best shoes. If you’re thinking about the slim fit jeans vs skinny jeans debate, there’s plenty to read in our latest blog post!

G Star Straight Fit

Straight- A regular jean which should fit comfortably at the waist and carry straight legged from thigh to hem. This fit is straight down the middle of the road and should be reliable to wear whatever it is you are doing. The 3301 Dalex Denim pair at Mainline comes with a practical 5 pocket design and a 100% cotton guarantee- offering unrivalled comfort as a result.

G Star Loose Fit

Low Loose- Offers those who dislike the style and feel of skinny or tapered jeans an alternative which is still fashionable to throw on when you please. This jean offers a loose waist fit with a wide leg from thigh to hem, giving wearers comfort as well as a smart appearance. The New Radar pair (pictured) is an example of a pair for those craving these characteristics.

g star loose taper

Loose Tapered- Tapered from knee to ankle, the jean is loose/ relaxed fitted around the waist, thighs and crotch. The excess room at the top allows for oversized luxurious pockets- inspired by the needs of a working man. The two products identifiable with this fit are the Davin 3D and the Type C 3D (pictured). The original to G-Star design would be the ideal contemporary accompaniment to a night out with friends or any occasion when dressed to impress. The 5620 Type C 3D is a design re-imagined from the 1996 Elwood 5620 edition which is one of G-Star’s most notoriously successful jeans, famous for being the first 3D denim pair.

Did You Know?

G-Star Raw have been known to attract big name collaborators, this year they have announced superstar rapper and clothing designer Pharrell Williams will be the architect of a new capsule collection, a measure of how prestigious their brand name is in fashion. The line called “Raw for the Oceans” marks a new era of environmentally friendly production from the brand. Raw for the Oceans is an idea whereby littered plastic is retrieved from the ocean before turning it into bionic yarn- used as thread to make denim. You can see the video below.

Have you got a favourite fit of G-Star Raw jeans? Next time we will look at how to style the products with different outfits.

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