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Written by Robert | 15/09/2014


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As we revealed to you a while ago on our blog, a special collaboration between Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW and hugely successful producer Pharrell Williams has taken place and the line- which turns recycled waste from the ocean into their fashionable product- has finally dropped. You will find it available online now at Mainline Menswear, one of the first exclusive stockists upon the launch.

The special line features, t-shirts, jumpers, caps and jeans to name a few- you can find the first 6 exclusive items now, with the denim collection likely to arrive in the very near future too.

Williams’ profile has gone into orbit since he released the song “Happy” and the man with the trademark Vivienne Westwood hat has already had an involvement with fashion for well over a decade with his own brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. At 41, he has been building up an enviable CV for a number of years now and first made his name in the music industry as a singer and producer; with the release of this project, he can now claim that saving the planet is another string to his bow.

He seems to have ubiquitous presence on TV and radio these days and his credentials in the fashion industry are extended by work in the past which includes designing a range of sunglasses for high end brand Louis Vuitton. He has done more than simply put his name to RAW for the Oceans though, he is an investor for the Bionic Yarn company who will be making the recycled product for G-Star and his involvement is at every level of this project, which in turn makes the most of his thriving reputation.

The project fits G-Star RAW’s design ethos to a tee considering they are a brand whose main characteristic is to commit to innovation and forward thinking methods of producing clothing. They were the first label to produce denim in an untreated style and they are now the first major brand to produce clothing made from recycled plastics.

“Lets turn the ocean plastic into something fantastic”

RAW for the Oceans is one of the most diverse collections on the planet right now and the process behind making the products is a world’s first. It is a process which involves making use of the ever-increasing harmful waste building up deep in the ocean from years of pollution. Bionic yarn already extract this material to make other materials and items but to make clothing and bring this innovation to fashion is something completely unheard of.

The collection itself takes on a dark selection of colours including navy, black, blue and indigo for example, though it does have a smattering of white and pattern including the mascot octopus and the houndstooth pattern.  On the whole this makes for a lightweight denim which is made with a right-hand twill, whilst not selvedge it is all made in the natural raw denim style.


Pharrell’s input has been key to curating a truly original modern collection which will gain interest from a whole new market yet to be accessed by the brand. G-Star have tried hard to avoid being known simply as a denim brand with a military style and has offered an eclectic range of styles. This collab’ maintains their contemporary and urban edge.

Making its debut at a launch event during New York Fashion Week earlier this month in the city’s financial district of Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, the organisers put emphasis on how each of the three collaborators- Pharrell, G-Star and Bionic Yarn- had contributed  to the eventual release and final products. There was a distinctive aquatic feel to the event which made use of blue sensory lighting and music as Pharrell himself entered the stage to deliver a few words on the collection and on modern sustainable living.

View the first items in the collection below for a simple aesthetic which can be pulled off in any setting. 

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