In Focus: Luke 1977’s SS14 Range

Written by Robert | 09/04/2014

As an independently owned UK fashion brand, Luke 1977 operates on a strict distribution policy meaning the latest line for 2014’s spring and summer only appears in a limited amount of online and high street stores. Here at Mainline Menswear, we are one of them.

The authentic design house has just released its latest line, continuing to provide for the majority of men’s social needs. Jackets, knitwear, t-shirts, footwear and sweatshirts, Luke 1977 excels in providing for those living bar, café or football cultured lifestyles. With an insatiable appetite to develop their portfolio of clothing, this time they unveiled the Luke Roper Golf LRGO range- providing the gentleman of leisure a new favourite wardrobe-filler. Interestingly, the West Midlands based brand have taken the step of sponsoring a number of professional tour golf players to wear the line’s stand-out pieces, an untried method and an indication they are willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to succeed.

Luke 1977 are hoping to increase exposure on the golf course through their latest line


Named after their owner and creator, Luke Roper, who was born in 1977, every aspect of this brand has his personality stamped across it and he is still heavily involved with designing. Previous to setting the brand up in 2001, Luke grew up making clothes out of spare textiles from his mother’s wedding dress business. Having made his first shirt at 13, his mates were begging him to make them one by the time they were all hitting the pubs in his late teens.

Luke has a number of celebrity endorsers including TV presenters Ant & Dec and Magician Dynamo


Still envisaging a target audience of “jack the lad” sorts of guys, the type with a busy weekend social life, Luke’s clothing has adapted accordingly; this year sees the introduction of bolder printed t-shirts as well as summer vests and flip flops ready for the masses going in search of the sun this summer.

Look 1.

Luke 1977 Print teeLuke 1977 VestLuke 1977 Flip-Flops

Not constrained by this market of customers alone, Luke 1977 has built upon its more sartorial minded consumers’ needs with the Soreon Blazer- which is a perfect accompaniment to one of the new-styled Guestlist woven fabric or Skinny Mick shirts- a definite V.I.P touch.

Look 2.

Luke 1977 Soreon BlazerLuke 1977 Guestlist ShirtLuke 1977 V neck

Never one’s to hide away from their traditional values, which are stated as being a practical interpretation on contemporary menswear, including “all [of] the components of the modern lad, a gentleman, a working-class hero and a bit of a rogue”, Luke continue to provide an everyday range perfectly suitable to a travelling football fan for example. Refined 2014 versions of the label’s signature crew neck jumpers, polo shirts, and zip-ups can be found now on the Mainline Menswear online store, along with an updated collection of casual footwear to tie in with the outfits.

Look 3.

From the days of attending university studying clothing design where he hatched a plan to use his passion to create a business with close friend Simon Poole; a prestigious UK brand that has grown. Unique for its masculine yet high-end fashionable taste, the brand has become a specialist for appealing to the paradoxical gentleman and rogue variety of males. For this diverse nature, the Luke brand has been rewarded with a strong status in British fashion and an expanding customer base. Judging by their SS14 release, we can rest assured that Luke 1977 will be a reliable provider of men’s clothing for years to come.

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