Mainline Meets: Connor Poole – Luke 1977

Written by Marc | 13/10/2017


Brand Focus

Luke 1977


Luke 1977 was founded in 2001 by Luke Roper as a contemporary menswear brand. Luke began designing clothes at a very young age. By 12 it was already noticeable that he had a talent for fashion; by 15 he was producing shirts for himself and his friends.

The brand grew its foundations through independent menswear boutiques, producing clothing that takes components from all lifestyles – Making it a brand that can be worn by all.

Since its humble beginnings over ten years ago, Luke has kept the same principles it started with. Luke’s innovative, masculine takes on fashion teamed with great quality and exclusive distribution means they continue to be at the forefront of Britain’s fashion industry.

Here at Mainline Menswear, we stock a massive range of Luke 1977. We also had the opportunity to visit the Luke 1977 design studio and sit down with the Head of UK Sales – Connor Poole.

In our exclusive interview, we chat about where it all began and where Luke 1977 is heading.


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