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Written by Marc | 05/09/2014


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Lacoste Live

We’ve got so many fans of Lacoste that shop regularly here at Mainline Menswear and for that reason we have a product range which grows every year, to the point we now have 3 distinctive sub-categories of the legendary French brand in stock.

Each has its own unique characteristics and traits so today we aim to help true fans figure out which Lacoste aesthetic they have the best rapport with.


Founded in 1933 by French tennis player Rene Lacoste and his collaboration with a fashion firm of the time, his crocodile logo has become one of the most iconic in the world and its first exposure to the world was as a dynamic provider of tennis wear.

As the brand’s stock grew in fashion, their gentlemanly tennis whites gradually became a part of the DNA of the Ivy League style which might otherwise now be known as a preppy style. The classic, timeless products which they were famed for in this segment of the market were to become their trademark pieces and to this day it is deeply routed in their heritage to produce polo shirts and tennis shoes.


Lacoste Sport

Although sport is where Lacoste originates from they have used the Sport sub-brand to advance their classic silhouettes with modern technologies in sportswear. Tennis players and other sports players no longer wear the Lacoste cotton polo shirt to compete like they did on the day they first entered the marketplace. However, they have shown they want to keep their cutting-edge when it comes to designing sports clothing, neglecting the chance to focus purely on fashion.

The Lacoste Sport Light Running Trainers are a great example of how the brand has modernised its products, this is a design which can compete with the Nikes and adidas of this world, as its meshy complexion makes it an ideal athletic shoe. Not surprisingly, it also has a stunning sleek design which wouldn’t look out of place in a fashionable outfit too.

Lacoste Sport

lacoste light

Lacoste Live!

Their third branch of the Lacoste family comes in the shape of Lacoste Live, and if this was a family, it would no doubt be the teenage sibling with attitude. L!ve forgets about the tradition and reputation which the brand is famed for and goes against the grain with a new interpretation of the in-house style.

Supplementing the sporty French elegance with a youthful and contemporary style, their ranges- which are now growing in stature- have a playful spirit and relate closely to the young urban culture of modern Europe. Their dynamic nature is best demonstrated by their successful t-shirt collaborations which have drawn upon the talents of various prominent artists to create original graphics and give the brand yet another unique selling point. Highlights of the AW14 range include the ever-colourful t-shirt designs, but also the knitted Pixel jumper, which will work in just about any winter outfit and features the brand’s unique retro/contemporary twist.

With a much more carefree attitude, Lacoste Live is daring and free of restrictions, linking it closely to the art community who have collaborated on creating clothes in the past two seasons.

Lacoste Live Shop

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