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Written by Robert | 19/09/2014


Brand Focus

Palladium LogoThe newest brand to arrive at Mainline Menswear is a speciality brand that some long term customers may remember from its brief spell in our collection a few years ago. Palladium is a French brand that started out in military and aviation but somehow evolved into one of the most acclaimed designer footwear manufacturers in America.

It is one of the most unique stories in fashion and the legacy will live with Palladium for many years to come, without ever being repeated again. When they first began operating as a business over 90 years ago it was with the primary aim to make tyres for the aviation industry as it was around the time of the Great War when air-crafts were being rolled out on a consistent basis. It was a revolutionary process they had in place which basically involved layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber for great durability. It was so forward-thinking in fact that before long the majority of European aircraft were using their tyres too.

By the time that World War II came and went though, aircraft were no longer being manufactured with such regularity and it ceased the business to exist for its primary function. so quite intelligently- they decided to try the idea of using the brand’s hi-tech reputation and transfer it to other mediums. This idea led them to open a plant in France where they had planned to start producing footwear with the same durable qualities as the successful tyre. In 1947 the legendary Pampa boot was born and it was actually praised by the French Foreign Legion who eventually used it for many years to come because of its pure comfort, durability and its multi-functional use, which included rigorous testing hikes over desert and mountainous terrain.

Palladium worker boots

Today the original design still lives on and people value its heritage and what the brand achieved. The classic lines have remained relevant and the use of premium materials combined with 60 years of innovation means that Palladium is still the footwear choice for any secret explorer, but more than that a new tribe of youthful hipsters.

Like many outerwear brands of late, Palladium has enjoyed success in the premium men’s fashion market and their look is now firmly associated with the high end, combining naturally with quality designer products like Edwin jeans and tasteful Oxford shirts. Take a look below for example; this outfit has a strong outdoor feel with the statement Penfield jacket added to the theme set by the Palladium boots.

Palladium Outfit Look

The new range at Mainline Menswear will stock an impressive selection of 14 completely different designs in different colours and materials to cater for different looks and contexts. The canvas and leather boots are the highlights of the range in colours ranging from beige to khaki and black, all keeping the authenticity of the label alive despite their strong fashionable characteristics these days.

The blurring of the lines between urban and outdoor clothing has led to Palladium’s rise back to prominence after a few years out in the cold, and the autumn is a perfect time to work these rugged boots into your wardrobe. However, their real genius comes in the fact they’ve tweaked their product to reduce the seasonal element in them. The canvas or Lite range as they call it works in a number of lighter materials whilst still keeping the toughened characteristics of the classic boot, so you can spend winter wearing them in and then by the time summer comes you can still hike around knowing they look good and feel comfortable too.

Despite their French roots, Palladium is now one of America’s fashion heavyweights now and sits alongside the very biggest international names to originate from the region. Their vintage military look is now one of the most sought after in the business, whilst their toughened rubber heel-caps and toes have become a signature that is increasingly more recognisable on the high street.

Pampa High Cuff is a particularly prominent silhouette from the brand and is in the same market as a high top converse for its classic sporty look, the difference is they provide so much more support to the soles of the feet and they can keep feet much warmer on cold days. The most amazing thing about these particular boots is that the canvas Palladium use is a military-grade fabric that is similar to that used on modern tents, and that actually means that this lightweight boot is actually waterproof too. At just £58 pounds it is hardly even much more expensive than a converse so- for this reason- expect Palladium to be a household name for a long time.

Palladium Black Boots



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