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Written by Marc | 13/04/2020



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How do you break boots in fast? It happens to the best of us. You buy a new pair of boots, the pair of boots. You wear them once, they look fantastic. Then they sit in your shoe cupboard for months because they hurt to wear.

Genuine leather boots can be tough on our feet before they’re broken in and, ironically, the higher the quality the tougher your boots can feel. So, how can you break in boots quickly? Here we debunk some internet myths and show you how to get your new kicks as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible.

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Putting boots In Water To Break Them In

The logic of dumping your shoes in water is to then wear them afterwards and hope the wet leather will then mould to your feet. To put it short – don’t do this! Not only will it take days – weeks! – for your boots to dry fully, you could ruin the leather and make it mouldy. Gross. Even if water did work, we don’t think it’s worth the risk to your lovely, new boots.

Put Water into Your Boots To Stretch Them

Okay, I technically just told you not to get your shoes wet; but putting water in your boots is a totally different situation, okay?

The ol’ freezer trick goes as follows: Get two ziplock bags and fill them with water (double bag for extra safety) then place the bags of contained water in your shoes. Finally, put said shoes in the freezer and let the water freeze inside them. The science behind this technique is that the water will expand when it turns to ice and thus will stretch your boots out.

Take your boots out of the freezer and slowly let the ice melt before removing the bags. I personally don’t have enough room in my freezer for shoes but if you’re willing to take the leakage risk this is a sure fire way to break in your boots.

Ease into Your New Shoes

Ironically the best way to break your leather boots in is to not wear them. If you immediately take them out on an 8 hour day then you’ll only give yourself blisters and you’ll have to wait for your feet to heal before you can try them on again.

Instead, ease yourself into your new boots and wear them around the house for a few hours. You can take a rest if you’re wearing them at home and can avoid those uncomfortable blisters while you break in your boots slowly in front of the tv.

Wear Thick Socks to Break in Boots

Wearing thick socks with your new boots will slowly stretch the leather. Meaning when you go back to regular socks the boots should be comfier.  Your feet also might get hot from the thick fabric, which can soften up the leather and make your boots mould around your feet faster.

Use a shoe/boot stretcher

Okay, so its been weeks. You’ve tried all of the above and the boots still feel like they have inner teeth with a taste for feet. What should you do? The most obvious thing (of course) and invest in a pair of boot stretchers. Available online, simply stuff your boots with a boot stretcher each whenever you’re not wearing them.

Sole of a boot

In conclusion, what can you do to break in your new boots?

  1. Wear them around the house.
  2. Put bags of water in your shoes and freeze them.
  3. Wear thick socks or a couple of socks at once.
  4. Use a shoe stretcher.
  5. And finally, maybe invest in some blister plasters!

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