The New Vans x “Star Wars” Classics Collection

Written by Robert | 14/05/2014

Star Wars Vans Collection

It was recently announced that there would be a seventh instalment to the popular Star Wars series of films and now that a cast has been assembled, cult fans across the world can rest-assured that the long awaited Episode VII is more than just a hopeful rumour.

In honour of this exciting news, shoe makers at Vans have themselves announced their own release-  a one-off capsule collection to celebrate the Star Wars films. They had  been set to be unveiled on May the 4th– which for those who don’t understand the play on words- has been coined “International Star Wars Day” over the past few years for its similarity to the iconic Star Wars phrase “may the force be with you“.

Vans are an established brand name as stocked by Mainline Menswear, providing footwear primarily for  extreme sports fans but in recent times more of a range of lifestyles and age demographics. Current silhouettes include the popular Kress, Milton, Ferris and Bishop shoes, coming in a selection of colours, featuring unique and limited edition print designs.

Less than 300 pairs of each Star Wars model will be put into circulation, meaning collectors will find them hard to come by and will be scrambling to get them secured early. With an even more exclusive list of retailers stocking the collection- only 6 in the whole “galaxy”- these shoes could become a lot more expensive than face-value in the future.

The footwear, which has been billed as “out of this world” for a number of reasons will be released under the Classics and later Vaults range’s, starting with a 6 strong line-up.

With no release date officially confirmed, the general consensus is that an introduction is imminent, so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space to be the first to know when it does.

Star Wars Vans shoes

Star wars classics vans

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