3 Iconic Vans Styles and How to Wear Them

Written by Marc | 03/07/2017


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Need help deciding on what style of Vans to go for this summer? Here are three of their most iconic designs and a simple guide on how to wear them.

Vans live and survive through their five shoe designs. Their shoes are some of the most commonly worn shoes in the UK, especially through the summer, and below are three of their most iconic styles you can choose from and what you can wear to style them.

The Slip Ons

These have a simple design and are easily recognised as the brand’s main design. Debuting back in 1977, the slip ons can be quickly identified by their iconic checkerboard style. Keeping in mind the choice of shoe pattern you go for and the colour, these slip-ons can easily be paired with chino shorts and a simple shirt.

Going for the Ted Baker navy chino shorts and the Luke 1977 Connors pencil shirt in white will keep the white Vans slip-on light-coloured and stylish for the summer. It can be difficult to know what shoes go best with shorts. Wearing the chino shorts instead of going for jeans keeps the shoes from being buried and not seen.

Luke 1977 Connors Pencil Shirt White | Ted Baker Shesho Chino Shorts Navy | Vans Classic Slip On 59 Trainers White

This combination makes sure that you are stylish without looking too formal. Also, make sure to wear something like the Boss Liner socks since these are a slip on shoe and the socks should ideally be mostly hidden.

You can also easily swap the pencil shirt for a white t jam t-shirt and a Levis Barstow western check shirt in red, as well as swap the chino shorts for Replay Waitom regular slim fit jeans in black if you want to go for a skater look. Just keep in mind this might be too hot during the summer.

The Old Skool

The classic ‘Jazz stripe’ is the easiest way to identify Vans’ Old Skool’s style and it’s the only shoe to have the company’s now-iconic sidestripe. The design debuted back in 1978 and was created by the company’s founder Paul Van Doren. The Old Skool can easily be matched with Levis black skinny fit jeans with a Carhartt strike long-sleeve t-shirt in white.

The Lyle & Scott long-sleeve t-shirt and the black skinny fit Levi jeans ensure that your clothes will have a variation in colour without sacrificing style, and the Old Skool Vans are still visible because of the jean design.

Lyle & Scott Crew Neck T Shirt White | Levis Line 8 Skinny Fit Jeans Black | Vans Old Skool Canvas Trainers Navy

Also, people who love to wear their jeans in summer will surely love the style of this outfit. Granted this style is more informal but fits if you are looking for a casual look.

If you do want to go for a more formal look but still be able to wear the Old Skool Vans, then wearing Hugo Boss Stanino trousers and a Lyle and Scott indigo oxford shirt in blue which matches the shoe colour won’t steer you wrong. This is for the people who love to wear smart clothes wherever they go whilst still wearing comfortable footwear.

The Era

The first Vans skate shoes were designed back in 1976 with the help of skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta, The Era is their sturdiest shoe built to protect and take a beating.

For the people who love to wear all black everything, then going for Levis line 8 512 slim tapered jeans in black and a Frankin Marshall crew neck t-shirt will be the perfect outfit.

Franklin Marshall Crew Neck T Shirt Black | Levis Line 8 512 Slim Tapered Jeans Black | Vans Era 59 Trainers Black

The simple combination of jeans and a T shirt is perfect for people who love to keep casual and want to wear comfortable clothes during the summer. The jeans can also be easily replaced with a Calvin Klein jogging bottoms in black or white depending on your taste.

Written by Fritz Samson

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