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Written by Marc | 16/07/2014

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The adidas Originals Hamburg silhouette has returned this year in one of the most hotly anticipated re-releases in men’s fashion for years. The original shoe was released back in 1982 as part of the iconic “City Series” and it became a symbol of that decade as it grew in popularity and became famous for an association with football casuals and mods in the process.

Coming in a choice of three colourways- cream, black and blue- the Hamburg is characterized by its premium suede outer and translucent outer sole, not to mention the vivid three Adidas stripes which sit in the usual place on the side of the shoe and give them the eye-catching aesthetics. The Adidas Hamburg is once again the unwavering choice of footwear for the fashion-conscious male.

Below: which of the 3 new colours would you opt for?

adidas Hamburgs

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In much the same way as many of the adidas Originals products, the Hamburg is a definitive choice for any man with a taste for retro clothing. Its simplicity is a refreshing change from the complicated designs and materials on today’s most popular designs and because of this, it is much more robust and resistant to damage. Even in its first appearance in retail it became known as one of the best all-around footwear choices for its cross between running and fashion, indoor and outdoor, in other words, this shoe set the standard for new training shoes at the time. And on its return it is evident this shoe has lost none of its old traits, you will still find that you can wear a pair of Hamburg’s with more or less any outfit choices and in a multitude of contexts, this is why the shoe is associated with a dynamic range of tastes and sub-cultures.

Below: a close up of some of the detailing on the legendary Adidas Hamburg

Adidas Hamburg's Close up

Adidas Hamburg first came to the public attention when it was released as part of the City Series where each silhouette was named after (you guessed it) a city and this had some significance in the way the shoes themselves a common fixture in urban life for many people, and just like the cities themselves-each trainer had its own quirks and characteristics. Zurich, Paris, Dublin and London were just some of the names featured in this collection and varied on small details, be it a jagged sole, gummy sole or practically no sole at all. This is a shoe that combines the most desirable features of Adidas’ most iconic silhouettes such as the T-shape toe panel and the grooved side panels on the sole, it is now the prize piece in any collectors possession.

Below: some of the other designs in the City Series by Adidas

Adidas City Series

Terrace or causal wear was defined by the 80’s era and was at its most notorious stage when the Hamburg was released onto the market. This is a group of people have helped the Hamburg earn the reputation it has today. Volume could never match the demand for these shoes, such was their success and notoriety, and this made styles such as the Forest Hill much more popular, but because of this- Hamburg’s have gained an exclusive status. Adidas have such a vast range of styles these days compared to the 80’s – we haven’t even mentioned the likes of Gazelle- but the Hamburg has an enigmatic aura, owning a pair this time comes with a perceived sense of expertise, the choice only a true connoisseur of the footwear world have the nous to make.

Adidas’ archive collection is one of the most popular of its type and has introduced the likes of the Hamburg to its growing specification of timeless garments from different points in their history. At Adidas, the silhouette is highly revered for its multi-purpose functionality and outside of Adidas for its value-for-money. Like retro training shoes from many brands at the minute, old-school runners have seen a resurgence and the street-wise aesthetic of the adidas Originals are ready to be adopted by a new generation of casuals as well as satisfying the needs of those who grew so fond of it the first time around.

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